Exercise that can help you to start your minimalistic journey

I would like to share with you simple exercise I found, that helped me find out what I really like, want and need. I could say that it was a start of my minimalistic journey.

Sit in your room, close your eyes and ask yourself what do you like and what makes you happy. Is it a cushion? Old mug with birds? Handmade frame from your friend? No one else will know better than you do. When you open your eyes find items that are not 100% you. In my case it was purple bed cover, light holders in dark pink and vases. All of them went to my friend that currently is in love with purple as much as I used to be.

Ok, so what if you have things that you do not like but do not want to get rid of them yet? I would suggest finding box for them and coming back to it in a few days or weeks. If after the time you don't remmber what is in the box, get rid of it. 

Then find things that are still close to your heart and highlight their presence by rearranging your space. I discovered that, I prefer to have around me positive, energetic colours such as lime and yellow. Bye, bye purple.

Take your time and slowly, day by day clear out your space, invest in quality and consider your next purchases.

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  1. I love minimalism it keeps my mind clear :D

    Rebecca Coco

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this to us and have an awesome day! :D

    Facebook / Bloglovin

  3. I love this exercise haha! great post :) x


  4. I am going to try this technique - sounds great!