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Summer is around the corner! How exciting! Times when white skin was desired and was a sign of a high social status are long time gone. Now in the postmodern Western world wealth (disposable income for holidays) tanned, glowing skin is associated with good health, attractiveness. Some Western girls around the world want to get a lovely golden skin tone, including myself (bring on my holidays!!). Sadly, I am closer to a red lobster after being in the sun or eventually I become a piglet  after a hot bath. Therefore I learned, after a rather painful mistakes, how to prevent and take care burned skin to sooth those symptoms and relieve the pain.

Sunburn is the result of damaged skin that has been over exposed to ultraviolet light. Consequently your skin becomes red, too warm, sore, tender and at times itchy. It can increases the chances of skin cancer, so take care of yourself early on; prep before you go out will save you hours of misery. Do you have pale skin like I do? If you do, I am pretty convinced that you will have previously experienced sunburns in your life.

Before going for your holidays, it is great to prepare yourself, not only by getting a gorgeous bikini packing your bag and camera, but also by getting your skin ready. Start with exfoliating your skin for a wonderfully soft and smooth effect. I am personally obsessed with Soap & Glory foam, fruity body scrub. Moisturise your skin from outside, body butters are my choice, and from inside by drinking enough fluid. Water is always a good, and important, idea! Add a few leaves of mint, sliced pieces of orange, some lemon or strawberries to add extra flavour. 

Your beach bag is ready, you are almost out of the door but did you use sunscreen? I get excited when I am on holidays, and since most of the sunscreens should be applied around 30 minutes before going out I always try to apply them first thing after my morning shower. If I forget, and I really have to leave in that moment (we all had this first day beach day feeling) I throw something over my arms to cover them up whilst they are exposed without sun screen to protect them. I love how a light chiffon throw/sarong/wrap kaftan dress can add so much more playfulness to a beach outfit. Take your sun screen with you to reapply it during the day and after each time you go for a swim.

I am loving straw sun hats!

Picking good sun screen can sometimes be tricky. My summer nightmares are heavy, smelly, sticky sun screens that I had to use as a child. As you can imagine, I am quite picky with my sun screen creams now. My favourite method of application is spraying it generously all over myself, Nuxe Sun Tanning Oil Face Body does a wonderful job without making me too sticky! If you prefer a more creamy consistency check Piz Buin Tan & Protect SPF 30. Additionally it should intensify your tan. Think about the SPF (Sun Protection Factor). I start my holidays with SPF 50, then going down to SPF 30. I do not tend to go lower than SPF 15. Sun screens do have an expiry date, so do not forget to check this before you buy a product.

Another way to protect yourself from burns is decreasing the time you are exposed to sun. The strongest sun is between 11 am and 3 pm so take your fashionable sun hat with you to avoid sunburn which can make you nauseous and cause heat illness. Have a water bottle near by to stay hydrated. Watermelon will also do the job and it is delicious!

You protected your skin with sunscreen, head with sun hat or bandana, what else can not only protect you but also add last stylish touch to your summer outfit? Marvellous sunglasses of course! Next time you need an excuse to treat yourself, eye protection is definitely one of the best I heard.

All ready to show your beautiful beach body without much of a worry about the sun! 

What are your ways to protect yourself from sun?

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  1. Replies
    1. Hat is absolutely fab! Have a lovely day, Iga x

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Rae! You know something about it as you are just back from holidays. Have a lovely day, Iga x

  3. Getting sun burnt really scares me! I always try really hard to stay covered up and wear high factor sunscreen.

    Corinne x

    1. Sunburn is more serious than most people think. High factor sunscreen is always a good idea. x

  4. Sunshine provides more than vitamin D please go out in the sun and do it safely! Take a SunFriend!