Safe and Smart Summer - let's party!

I am happy to see you here again. Let’s talk about all of those colourful, sweet cocktails that are so tempting during summer.

According to various resources, such as NHS, women should not regularly drink more than 2-3 units and men should not drink more than 3-4 units a day. 10 ml (1 cl) by volume, or 8 g by weight, of pure alcohol is counted as one unit. 25ml of spirit that has 40% strength counts as one unit.  750 ml bottle of red, white or rose wine counts as 10 units. The Department of Health suggests to have 48 hours break from drinking if you consumed more alcohol. Additionally two alcohol free nights a week are recommended as a time for your body to recover.
Remember that you are the one responsible for taking care of yourself during the night out and you are the one who knows your limits.
Try to eat before the night out – something like cheese - to slow down the effects of alcohol. Mozzarella sticks might be a good party snack before you and your friends go into town.

Do not be shy about having soft drinks in between cocktails. Keep hydrated.

Have your phone with you in case you need to call a taxi or you do not know where your friends are.   

I am a petite woman and there is no way that I could keep up with some of my friends. You do not have to keep up either. It is alright to skip a drink, or sip the one you already have slowly. You have a right to do that and your friends just have to get on with it. If they have an issue, they need to grow up.

Avoid unfamiliar drinks. Toxic alcohol can be sold and cause death. This January at least 17 people have been killed and 122 hospitalised after drinking toxic alcohol at a cricket match in India. Also Chaznye Emmons died in Sumatra in 2013 from drinking poisoned alcohol.

Unlicensed alcohol is illegally produced and you cannot be sure what was used in the production. Licensed alcohol is made with ethanol, fakes can be made even from nail polish remover. Also you do not know what effects it will have on you.

If alcohol smells bad do not drink it.

Buy your alcohol from licensed shops and pubs.

If the price looks too good do not fall for it, check if labels are poor quality and contain spelling mistakes, fake bar codes and check if the caps are sealed.

Drink bottled beer that is opened while you are watching. This applies whether you are accepting drinks from a person who you have just met or you are ordering one for yourself. Always watch what is happening with your drink and how is being prepared.   

Next Monday, I will talk about drugs. What are your tips for safe drinking? Share in comments!

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