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Chemicals that effect the way your body works and  messages that your brain sends are called drugs. Aggressiveness  paranoia, hallucinations, addiction, impaired judgment, impulsiveness, loss of self-control are one of the most common behavioural problems connected with drugs. Some of them slow down brain and impact coordination.  

Antibiotics come only from a few types of drugs. If taken while drinking then can cause chest pain, headaches, lightheadedness, nausea, skin flushing and others. Additionally alcohol can reduce the effectiveness of an antibiotic so you might need to come back to a doctor.  

As I mentioned in previous post I would suggest not leaving your drinks and if you have get yourself a new one. Remember to watch your drink even if it is only a water. Drink spiking is illegal in UK and even if it suppose to be a prank you might be prosecuted.  Date rape drugs are most commonly used for sexual assault as well as robbery. Alcohol sometimes is also counted as a date rape drug for example when you ask for a single and someone adds extra alcohol to a drink without your knowledge. 

According to NHS drugs below have been used for drink spiking:

Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) and gamma-butyrolactone (GBL) some of the names for this drug: cherry meth, G, salt water, G-juice etc. GHB and GBL can give your drink a slightly salty taste that can be easily masked with sweet, fruity juice. They come in a form of white powder, liquid, and pill. There is many effects that this drug can cause including loss of consciousness, problems seeing, drowsiness, overwhelming fatigue and relaxation.  

Tranquillisers, most often benzodiazepines, including valium and rohypnol called circles, forget pill, lunch money, rope etc. Rohypnol is usually in a form of a dissolving in liquids pill. It can cause your speech to be slurred, muscles relax, confusion, or black out. 
Ketamine can be a liquid or white powder, and is known as black hole, bump, super acid, purple, kit kat etc. Ketamine causes distorted perceptions of sight and sound, dream-like feeling, lost of control, numbness, vomiting, high blood pressure and lost sense of time and identity.

It takes only 15 to 30 minutes for a drug to work. Sometimes it is not possible to distinct if your drink was spiked and the effects can last for over 12 hours. If your drink was spiked you might not remember what happened. You might feel drunk even if you have not drunk any alcohol day after. You have a feeling that you had sex but cannot remember it and your clothes are not as you remember them before a night out. 

If you have been drugged go to an emergency room and ask for help. If it is possible take a friend you trust with you. Urine test can detect if you have been drugged. Some chemicals can stay in your urine up to 96 hours. Notify police and do not clean yourself, clothes and place where the assault happened. It will help to gather evidence. 

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