Pick the Right eBook Reader For You

Before spending substantial amount on e-reader, as a first time user, I decided to do my research. I asked myself: What do I want from an ebook reader? Built-in light? Changeable font? Dictionary? Additional functions such as social media access?
Unsure where to start from I started my research from Google with phrases such as: the best reading devices, e-readers, Kindle vs Nook, Nook vs iPad etc. You know the drill. During this time I decided what are the main functions that are important for my reading experience.

My Criteria 

Easy Reading Experience

LED screens are not for me so to avoid tiring my eyes I have decided to avoid them. Therefore most of the tablets, if not all, are not going to suit my needs.  

Adjustable Fonts 

I like to have option to change sizes and fonts. During the night I prefer letters to be slightly bigger as it is easier for me to read text. Plus no more squeezing eyes to read! Bye, bye wrinkles! At least for a few years longer. 

Easy To Buy eBooks 

I do not have all time in my life to look for eBooks, transfer them to a device with over complicated procedure. Quick and easy, pain free! That's what I am looking for. 

Decent Battery Life

Charging as often as I have to charge my iPhone? Nope. Not a chance, I am getting a device that needs me to carry extra battery around. Charging once every four weeks? Sounds good to me! 

Weight & Size

The lightest and easy to hold in my small hands device is the higher is a chance of me paying extra for it. I will always pay for this extra little bit of comfort and slightly lighter purse as I intend to travel with eReader. 100 g here and there... And before I know, luggage is too heavy while wallet becomes lighter due to fees on the airport I have to pay for extra weight.  

Uninterrupted Reading Experience

It's a NO! to annoying Facebook, Twitter, Instagram notifications. Call me selfish. 

Sun Glare Free Screen

Beach, ice tea or green tea frappe for me, blanket, sand castles and sun! Everything supported with a sun glare screen and exciting book. My idea of a perfect summer day.  

I decided to buy Kindle Voyage. Read review!

What do you want from eReader? 

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