Drum Castle, Garden and Estate, Banchory, Aberdeen & Grampian AB31 5EY, UK

Autumn arrives in Aberdeen

After a long week in the city I decided to go to the countryside and visit one of Aberdeenshire hidden gems: Drum Castle and its romantic gardens.

Weather was so gorgeous! Gentle winds blowing and the sun shining ever so brightly. Leafs slowly turning into magnificent autumn colours - what else could a girl want on a Saturday afternoon?
Warm, soft and extremely cuddly jumpers are always going to be my number one for this type of weather. 
Look at the butterflies in their stunning colours of the fall; I could not stop watching them dance!
The mysterious clothes just in front of the castle made curiosity rise for not only me. Friendly cows decided to join in the Scarecrow making party.  
  What were you up to last weekend?
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