Hiking Through Autumn's Goals

When I was younger Autumn was my least favourite time of the year; days become shorter, colder and the rain successfully managed to keep me at home. As a outdoorsy type this was not ideal for me - I bet you can imagine my disappointment, despite the fact that it starts with my birthday, when September approached. I am still very much of a spring and summer person but this year I decided to take what is the best in Autumn. To do that I have created My Autumn Goals .

On Sunday I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous sun in Scotland and hike up Bennachie and climb to the top of Mither Tap.  My Autumn Goals  included discovering places around Aberdeen so here is one of them, perfect for an easy Sunday hike with friends and family.  

Lesson for today: Scottish Autumn might require you to take sunglasses with you.

Sun proved the point again - I should have taken sunglasses with me!

Views from the top were fantastic. We picked a great day to explore Bennachie.

View from the top. Green, full of fauna and flora - that's Aberdeenshire for you.

It was not the longest or the most difficult hike I have ever done...

...Yet it was still very rewarding! 

If I could change one thing about my hike... 

It would have to be my hiking shoes. Apparently they are not as comfortable as I remembered them to be. 

You can imagine my surprise when after a few minutes and a couple of snacks later at the summit this lovely, familiar, chocolaty and so friendly face appeared! Can he be any cuter? I do not think so.

 You knew a photo like this is coming! I just could not help myself!

What have you been up to this Autumn? Have you been hiking?  
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  1. The places you have explored are amazing! The experiences must have been over the top. I really hope that in the future i can go on amazing hikes like you have. I am sure it won't be the easiest thing but i have to start somewhere to begin.

    XO, Sarai sending lots of love from Texas
    If you have time and wish to check out my blog i will really appreciate it. <3

    1. Hi, thank you for visiting me! I am definitely going to explore your blog! Best Wishes, Iga x

  2. I'm glad you're trying to embrace autumn. I love this season but I can get why someone else would prefer summer. Plus my birthday is in early September so it just gets me in a great mood for the whole month. Those views were so beautiful too!


    1. Hi Violet, thank you for popping in to see my website! I cannot believe it I left it so long without an answer. Shame on me! Iga x

  3. Good for you! You were certainly rewarded with some fabulous views! And your dog is gorgeous ahhhh!

    Musings & More

    1. Scotland is beautiful! If you have a chance explore it :)

  4. Those views look incredible! I'm not much of a hike person, but I have been meaning to go. It only started to get cooler this week in California, so right now I'm just excited about being able to wear sweaters and drink a cup of hot tea! :)

    ippy / krispy

    1. Did you manage to do any hiking in California Kristy?