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Quiet Nights In The Westin Boston Copley Place

Are you looking for a hotel with a modern feel to it in the heart of Boston? Recently I had the chance to explore Boston and stay for over a week in the Westin Copley Place Boston Hotel. Ideally located near the unique boutiques (yay), high fashion shops (oh, yes!), restaurants for example Stephanie's, and little cafes at the Newbury Street hotel is perfect for a weekend break. Indoor heat pool and a fitness studio are adding a bit of the luxury to the experience.

Inside you will meet polite receptionists that check you in quickly and efficiently so you can move in to your room after a couple minutes. I was shattered so easy check in was what I needed, I am not going to lie!

I had booked bedroom a with two double, very comfy beds. I arrived late at night so seeing that black tea and chamomile tea, and Starbucks coffee are complimentary made my night - seriously, camomile tea is one of my number one teas before sleep. 

Room was decorated in various shades of brown with thick curtains in a light brown/golden. Furniture was modern with an old-time touch that softens the interior design. What can I say? I loved it! Styling makes it suitable for corporate guests as well as the ones that are there for leisure purposes. 

Bathroom was not the biggest but welcomed me with classy, tasty design that worked well with the room. Again, something that tired girl appreciates a lot! 

Big, white, thick, fluffy, and soft towels added to a bathroom homely feel, which is important to me.  Oh, so fluffy! When I stay somewhere with well used towels I immediately think that the hotel is cutting corners on guest comfort and also about how many people before me were using these towel, bed etc. As you can imagine that is not something I would love to think about.    

I was pleasantly surprised with the delicate white tea shampoo and body lotion’s fragrance provided. Shamelessly I used it all, at once - talking about minimalism!

Extra brownie points go to the housekeeping as their hard job every day made the room to look like the first day when I moved in. Thank you!

Busy morning for me! I was writing this review then.

The Westin Copley Place Boston Hotel in a few words is a great place to stay in Boston especially if you travel on your own or with your partner. What was one of the hotels you lately stayed in? Will you be back? 
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