Minimalistic Seasonal Decorations

In my studio flat my decoration mantra had to be “less is more”. Cluttered and small living space would be my nightmare, yet I could not say no to seasonal decorations. How did I approach this to suit my active lifestyle?

Minimalism can be interpreted variously. For me as mentioned in post “Minimalism in your house in small steps” minimalism is a healthier and happier life with a clear mind and clean home. It is not a way to prove others that I am better because I have one mug less in my kitchen.

I do enjoy having seasonal decorations in my home as the whole process of arranging them, changing, taking them down for a period of time makes me happy. The whole activity of planning and arranging keeps me grounded and relaxed.  

Pick Place

Cluttering whole place with autumn leafs might not be the best idea if you are trying to be more minimalistic. What have I done? I picked two and only two places at home as a spaces for seasonal decorations. Kitchen table is one of them. 

If I really like something but it will not suit/fit space I've chosen I am not buying it. It saves my money and time as I do not have to think where and how can I rearrange room once again. I add seasonal character and personality to my home without overwhelming it by selecting decorations that suit overall theme at my home. 

Decoration that can be modified 

Decorations that can be modified are your friends. They take less space and storage than four different types of decorations for each season. I have found flowers that are easy to arrange according to the different seasons. 

Check out how a little cheeky squirrel or two changes and sets the autumn mood in my kitchen. When winter approaches, I will take down squirrels and add a few glittery and silvery snowflakes.

Neutral Color

My main decorations are in neutral colours. By adding strong coloured decorations, I can highlight any season I wish. For example, an orange squirrel in my flat adds an autumn vibe. Especially when combined with the candlelights.

Do you like to have seasonal decorations? 
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  1. Oh yes! seasonal decorations are very much my thing! My favourite decorative bits are picked from the garden or found on the walk with my little girls ;-)
    I love your post!
    Olga x

    1. Hey, I love decorating my flat and adding small, seasonal touches. What have you picked with your girls? I’m so happy to connect with you! Add me at: &

  2. I love seasonal decorations so much, and I LOVE that squirrel, it's so so cute! These are really great ideas xxx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. I am glad you do! Squirrel is staying with me till Christmas decorations are on again! Cannot wait. When do you decorate your home for Xmas? I’m so happy to connect with you! Add me at: &