Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, UK

Sea and Sunday in Stonehaven

Ice cream in Scotland during Autumn? That's a new one, I never thought I will be able to without shaking like a leaf! First week of October welcomed me with glorious sunshine in Stonehaven a small town nearby Aberdeen - known also as The Granite City.

Stonehaven is one of my favourite places in Scotland with the best home made ice cream from Harbour Hut's. Small, cute, near the sea; reminds me a lot of my home town and childhood. 

Another occasion to play with a very well behaved dogs that I have met on the beach. I wish I could have one! 

Nothing cuter than little paws on the sand...

...or the big one!

Ice cream time! If you are ever in Stonehaven try Scottish Tablet, one of my favourites!


Sun, summer (almost) and sand! What else can one want?

Taking photos to share with you on Instagram. 

Harbour has some little culinary gems such as The Ship Inn. 

Stonehaven is definitely worth a visit. Especially if you are looking for a peaceful town with small streets, unique shops and delicious pub food. 

How was your Sunday?
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