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I would love to take you to a charming city, placed on Baltic coast  in north Poland, Gdansk. As a part of  Tri-City, each city has its own unique atmosphere. Gdansk provides an excellent opportunity to explore and feel the spirit of Poland, especially during winter months!
It looks like Poland loves Christmas as much as I do! I absolutely adore how most restaurants had some sort of Christmas decorations outside and inside. It makes evening walks so much more enjoyable, when everywhere is so beautifully decorated.  
Beautiful Christmas Tree
One of the most beautiful Christmas trees I have seen during my trip was at Mercure hotel. I never expected green and white would work together so well!
Winter Gdansk
Historical buildings, small streets with independent cafés, boutiques, unique amber jewellery, very yummy and thick hot chocolate, mulled wine, and warm apple pie with vanilla ice creams... Who said that cold winters cannot be delicious! I could sit inside one of the cafes for ages and watch people passing by.
Poland celebrates 6th of December, known as Saint Nicolas Day, this time I had a chance to take part in small street festival and it was fantastic! 
Winter Poland Gdansk
Busy Saturday night in the Old Town! If you are in Gdansk, definitely check out ulica Dluga. You will find there tasty restaurants, and vodka bar too!
Old Town Gdansk
I could explore Old Town and look at colourful townhouses forever and ever and it would not be enough!
UK Travel Blogger in Poland Gdansk
Do you also sometimes go to try new place just because you liked what you could see from the outside? This time we visited wine bar and Mito restaurant. Both were incredible! Not so far from there is delicious Bellevue Restaurant with best chocolate dessert I've had in Poland so far! 
Old Town Gdansk Winter
Gdansk's Old Town in full glory. You can read more about Gdansk here.
UK Travel Blogger in Poland Gdansk
Quiet Friday evening in Sopot, which is part of Tri-City. You can see in Sopot The Crooked House - design was inspired by illustrations and drawings. Sopot's pier is the longest on the Baltic Sea!  
Pistachio Latte
In the meantime treat yourself to a delicious lunch and pistachio latte or hot chocolate. Do not forget to pop in for breakfast for example to Anima Cafe.
If you are looking for a weekend gate away and want to explore new country on a budget add Poland to your list. Check for cheap flights from Easy Jet, Wizzair, Ryanair and enjoy hot chocolate in Tri-City during your next free weekend and if you are there during summer do not forget to take your bikini with you!

Would you like to visit Poland?

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