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New Year is approaching and with it some of us will decide to start new resolutions to change their life for better. If you have a plan to do that and want to read a few tips, this post is for you.

Start Small 
Climbing Kilimanjaro sounds great but before that you will be exposed to a series of steps such as exhausting training that will lead you to the top. I believe that you are able to do anything you set your heart to. Take into consideration what other actions are contributing towards your huge goal and take them month by month.
Achievable Benchmarks

As much as I believe in you and you believe in yourself climbing a Kilimanjaro in a week from the second you decided to do it is in most of the times unachievable. Unless of course you have a private jet that will get you there. I do not know, I am do not have one yet. You decided what steps you are taking, think how you can measure them. Exercising three times a week? Write it down and then... 
 Schedule check-ins

Every week or every last Friday of a month check your progress. Celebrate what you have done and how far you are now. Notice what areas and how you can improve for the next month.
Measure everything

Do you know how many miles you run for in total? How long have you spent the last month learning French? Measuring time and progress will indicate how effective you are. On my example I can say that this method helped me adjust my language learning skills as I was spending too much time without archiving real progression. In my case it was changing the time of a day I learn.  
Change one behaviour at a time 
Being fit sounds great right? How about being fit, knowing five languages, perfecting your cooking and baking skills, as well as handling social life, and finding dream job sounds? Don't beat yourself up if you cannot do it all. Concentrate on one thing this year that you really want to archive and make it primary goal.
Share your goals 
There is many articles that will say: share with your friends and family. I say: mention it, if you feel  the need to do it. I work better, especially at the beginning of my goals, when I do not feel pressure from the outside. 'So how many pounds you lost last week?' People might not ask you this, or it might be motivating for you. For me it is very demotivating when I have to answer that actually this week was not that great and I gained something, or that I have not learned a single Italian word.
Don’t beat yourself up 

Failure is part of life and life is not long enough to spend it on thinking over and over again that you went to cinema and skipped your gym session. Learn your lesson and think about it during next check-in session.
Ask for support 
There might be a point where you cannot think of anything to help you progress further. Ask for help. Someone can be more experienced and show you new technique, suggest better diet, or another way of familiarising yourself with grammar.
 Avoid previous resolutions

Were you saying last year that you want to be skinnier? This year try to have a resolution that says for example: I will run twice a week and have a body pump class once a week. Avoiding generalisations helps to stay on track as your goals are becoming measurable.
In January I will share successful New Year's Resolution stories from fellow bloggers. Thank you all who kindly decided to share their stories!
How do you stay on track?
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  1. loved reading it.......great post :)

  2. Great tips! I hope you have a great 2016. Gemma x

    1. I am glad you enjoyed them! Happy New Year! Have a lovely time, Iga xxx

  3. These are great tips, thanks for sharing. I especially liked this post as its not cliche to what everyone normally writes and the tips aren't common sense that I would normally think of! Have a fab 2016! x

    1. Thanks! I was trying to avoid cliches so I am happy you have noticed it! Happy New Year to you too! Have a lovely time, Iga xxx

  4. So true! Best wishes for the new year!!

    1. Thank you and Happy New Year! Have a lovely time, Iga xxx

  5. This post was so needed! I beat myself WAY to much and you are right life is to short to dwell on things. Rather we should reflect on ourselves and learn what we can do better next time.
    Love your writing!

    Nikki O. |

    1. Thank you Nikki! Hopefully you will be able to change this pattern and achieve more! Best wishes, Iga x