The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo Review

Are you thinking of simplifying and organising your home? Marie Kondo shares her tips and methods in her first book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying.

Marie encourages reader to start a more minimalistic journey and to adapt an approach to everyday belongings that are around us. One of her methods is to encourage readers to gather all their clothes in one room and let go of everything that they have forgotten to bring. 

Marie takes her readers step by step with a very calm and open approach that is quite appealing to me. Marie knows how to fill me up with enthusiasm for minimalism and tidying up (maybe throwing away) the mountain of clothes that appears everyday on my carpet. But be aware it is a time consuming project overall. A single weekend goal for me, who lives in a small space, would be a rather optimistic deadline and I do not own many things (I got rid of over 100 things in January alone).

One of the most inspiring pieces of advice for me has been the one regarding gifts. I am one of those people who feels bad for letting go of items that were given to me. I know that whoever bought them had good intentions. However some of them do not fit me. I do not mean only size but also personality. It definitely helps to reconsider the purpose of some of the items that are around and possibly find them new home without feeling bad.

The most important message for me that the book conveys is that there is nothing wrong with throwing away pieces from your life that despite being beautiful are in fact clutter (is it time to say bye to a beautiful mint dress that I have never worn?). Of course there are some tips that I will never use such as not having my socks rolled into a balls, but as with any guides sensibility and knowledge about what works for you should be applied. Someone could say that the advice given are exaggerated and annoying, that Marie is not saying anything new. This is one of many points of view to look at The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. I have chosen to try some her advice that I feel are right and most relevant for me at this moment in time, and leave other ones that did not feel as useful (I am refusing to talk to used pair of knickers and say thank you for serving me).

Overall Marie’s writing style is to the point, and most other guides in my opinion are missing this straightforwardness without sounding pretentious and patronising. Structure e.g. introductions, process flow is also very clear and easy to follow. Author uses anecdotes from her life and work so that helps to change something that could be boring text into an entertaining and educational piece.

I have a hard back copy and with slight vain I have to say that I just like to see how nicely book looks on the shelf with subtle pattern in light blue. It is one of those books that most  people will either like or hate as some of the advices might seem targeted at people with more time and fancier house than most of us has.      

Would you like to read  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying? If you already have let me know in comments your opinion.

Next week I will review Spark Joy by Marie Kondo.

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  1. I've never really read any books in that sort of genre, it sounds really quite interesting. I actually need to do a big clean out myself but like you, I have trouble letting go of people's gifts. Especially when they hold lots of happy memories!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

    1. Good clean out for spring is always a good idea. I love how fresh and how many new things I find in my wardrobe every year I do it. Iga x

  2. This title looks really appealing and I definitely loved your review about it :)

    1. Worth it to have a look, even if it is just in a bookshop for a few moments. :) Iga x

  3. I'm currently reading...while my house is a tip! Haha. So far I have found the main message of 'does this spark joy?' quite effective. Hopefully I'll get a bit more out of it though.

    Tina X

    1. How is it going now after a couple of weeks? Is message still working for you? I do agree, that it's important to surround yourself with things that make us happy. Otherwise what's the point spending money on something that we do not enjoy nor like.

  4. I also really enjoyed reading this book and am also going to a review soon. The whole de-clutterijg is one of my main goals this year. I cannot get my head around some of the ideas - like the socks but I took from it what I needed.

    I don’t actually have too many things however I felt I still needed a mass de-clutter as I had collections of things. I got rid of most of my artwork from college and university. These were some of the hardest items to get rid of, so I took photos of them. I also got rid of most of my CDs and DVDs. I “Shazamed” a lot of the songs and kept them on my Shazam list. Some of the Hindi songs are not available in any other format so I kept a handful of CDs (in one CD book). I kept a few of my box sets (including all the Murder She Wrote) and a small collection of films all in a DVD book so there is minimal packaging. A lot of books went to friends or were passed to the local library. This was another difficult one for me as I love reading. I have decided to only ever keep 10 books at any one time. I had a collection of motorbike ornaments, of which a kept a couple and the rest went to charity. I have a coin collection which needs sorting and clearing out. I just really want to have less “stuff”.

    The Sarah Knight book is next on my list and then Spark.

    I love the photos in this post - especially the last one.

    1. I am looking forward to reading your review. If I missed it, please send link whenever you are free. I have to agree that socks theory was just too much for myself.

      10 books at any time sounds like a good idea. I have most of my books now on my Kindle but sometimes I am still tempted to get a copy. I just really, really like the idea of personal library. It's something about the specific smell of printed book that is so intoxicating and makes afternoon perfect.