Long Time Coming by Edie Claire Review

After hours and hours of reading journals and articles to support my dissertation, so in the free time to clear my head I was looking for something easy going. Long Time Coming by Edie Claire includes romance, friendship, high school memories, prom, accident, and a hunted house. There is everything that contributes towards an easy read in my opinion. Also Amazon offered it for free (No judgment please).
If you have watched any romantic movies you will figure out what is going to happen very quickly. I cannot dislike this book for its simplicity, moments of quick entertainment on a bus, and the idealised environment with an almost perfect man that has a dog (Ok, it's not a pug but it is a DOG!!! I love dogs). I say almost perfect man as I find Jeff slightly too clingy (and that's a big no, no for me).

The main character Joy is hunted by her past and it appears like the house she has moved into is pretty spooky too. Joy denies that anything abnormal is happening within her new home (obviously), what is naïve but in some way can be taken as charming and cute. Joy returns to her home town,, despite having nightmares, to open a veterinary service and to be competition to a very chauvinistic veterinarian. Her sweet character shows every time she is around animals or people she cares for. From the façade she is strong, very resistant to negativity yet inside she remains a kind, shy girl, unaware of her charm and her attractiveness. Joy is still dealing with the loss of her best friend Jenny and her ambiguous emotions towards Jenny’s high school sweetheart. I realise that this sounds like such a cliché, especially when I am rereading this review, but this book is not aiming to challenge anyone intellectually. I was looking for a bit of escapism and that is exactly what Long Time Coming gives. 
Paranormal activities in this novel are unexpectedly reassuring, almost comforting that friendships can last forever. Spooky parts are well placed in the plot without being too obvious, read as: nothing jumps out from the cupboard (Fine with me, I am not the best person to watch horrors with). If you are looking for something scary, creepy and unpredictable you probably should buy something else. There are opening doors, smells and returning memories but that would be all.
Talking about much needed, after hours of research, escapism and romance. Relationships and emotions between Joy and Jeff are very conventional. She resists, he tries to show his ‘real’ side and convince her that the past is not as dark as she remembers it. I could not help but have a little go at him for being so wooden sometimes.

Emotions between them feel natural and develop slowly (so slowly that I started to wonder if anything will happen), which again reminds me of an old fashion love rather than a passionate fling that turns into a relationship (old, traditional, vanilla). Let me know in comments what sort of relationships you prefer in the literature you read: traditional, slow development or fiery fling? I have to say that I have not read many books where fiery flings don't cause a cringe deep inside of my soul.   

The accumulation of plot twists and little suggestions helps to realise and predict the ending very quickly. Possibly the lack of nasty surprises (and hard words) is what I liked about it. I have found this book great for depressing, rainy days. Something easy, uplifting and not challenging. Something that you can pick up and switch off. If you want a modern fairy tale set in a small town with a paranormal twist this books provides it all.

There are many similar books (yet not all of them are for free) but the warmth, optimism and hope for a better tomorrow convinces me to recommend this book for anyone who wants something with a paranormal twist and an easy to follow plot. If you are looking for something that keeps you guessing Long Time Coming might not be the best choice.

I want to read more books that send shivers through my back. Can you please recommend the best book I should read with paranormal twist?
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  1. I'm terrible with horror films, I can't watch them at all so I'm glad you mentioned this book is suitable! I'm always on the hunt for something new to read and like you I've got a Kindle so it makes the process of getting new books very easy. Thanks for sharing!

    Sally - DiagonSally

    1. I really like how easy is to get ebooks from Amazon. It is really one click away, isn't it? Iga x