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Revolution, Aberdeen

Whether you live in Aberdeen or just passing by and feeling quite peckish, Revolution is waiting for you just in middle of Belmont Street tempting every passerby with their fantastic new food menu. Aberdeen bloggers had a chance to try their new menu after an exciting Cocktail Masterclass

Are you ready for mouth watering photos?  

Just come in and take a seat out on the terrace. Relax and enjoy your food whilst basking in the glorious sun. I have to say I absolutely love the new and vibrant look! It not only has extremely comfy cushions and yellow chairs (I want two for my flat now), but there also is a very sunny and summery vibe. 

Enough talking for me, after all it is all about this incredible food! Which one would you pick: Goat's Cheese Bon Bons or Breaded King Prawns? 

Wholegrain and Honey Flatbread with Houmous, anyone? 

Any fans of Calamari? I am, crazy for it!

Something I really wanted to try was their Seafood Provencal, and I'm so glad I did. Utterly mouth watering.

Are you more of a pizza or burger lover, why not both?

Check out their epic menu here

In the meantime don't forget to try some of their deliecous cocktails or cocktails.

Fresh ingredients in my drinks are definitely right up my street (I LOVE fresh mint).

This is only a small preview of what Revolution in Aberdeen has to offer, go and check it out yourself; what's your favourite dish from the new menu? I am all about the Lobster Ravioli with Italian Basilica Pesto, Bourbon Bad Boy from their old menu (yay for their "Go skinny option"!), and Calamari.  
What food are you in a mood for today?
Check out fun Cocktail Masterclass 
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  1. lovely post and great photos! I must try out the burger and pizza recipe for snacks at a party :)

    Kathy x

  2. just finish my meal and the food in your blog make me feel hungry again
    if I have the chance, I would go and try it

    jess x | wellwellgirls.blogspot.com

  3. Ah, I am about to eat now, and these photos are looking mighty delicious. I love flat bread with hummus, and the seafood Proven├žal dish sounds wonderful. /Madison
    Sassy Palate Ventures

    1. It was! If you have a chance and Revs nearby you, give it a go! They offer 50% off from food on Mondays.