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Bloggers Spring Meet Up

Is there a better way to start Spring than a Cocktail Masterclass under the watchful eyes of an experienced barman, with fellow bloggers, in Aberdeen's hotspot? 

When I received an invitation to take part for an event organised in Revolution, how could I possibly resist the opportunity to socialise? Let's get things straight, when I think of places in Aberdeen to go for casual lunch or drinks with my friends Revolution is on my list for two reasons: yummy drinks and tasty food. 

Talking about drinks... I have never had a chance to take part in a Cocktail Masterclass so I was pretty excited to make my first ever Mango & Strawberry Colada. 

To make Mango & Strawberry Colada you need:

 Bacardi Carta Blanca
Mango Purée
Coco Reàl (yummy!)
 Pineapple Juice

How did other the bloggers do? Just have a look how focused Julia was before making her cocktail choice. 

Sarah was the first one to give it a go! 

She prepared a wonderful and very blue Bubblegum Daiquiri

Fully focused Julia made up her mind quickly and created a tropical It's a Rum Ting!

Meet Katherine, carefully watching and listening to instructions. This Cocktail Masterclass would be a great idea for someone's birthday, an exciting hen party or just as a start to a great evening with friends. 

This photo of Steffany must be my favourite one! It's all about getting your measures right! 

Anastasia knows it too!

Shake it well...

...and enjoy!

Alcohol not your thing, go virgin with a fabulous mocktail instead! Denise's one looks delicious!

As Revs says: A sweet tropical storm in a hurricane glass.

Did I enjoy it? Just take a look at the photos! My smiles say it all. Do you want to know more? Follow me on Twitter & Instagram, and return on Wednesday to check out how the second part of the blogging event in Revolution went. Be warned, there is going to be plenty of mouthwatering photos to come! 

Would you like to try a Cocktail Masterclass?
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  1. The masterclass was amazing and it was so great to hang out with you yesterday! I hope you catch up soon :)

  2. It was fabulous to see you again Iga, so much fun too!

    1. I loved it! It was great to try something new, wasn't it?:) t

  3. Fun pics, omg picture of me is no bueno eek! :-0 Had a blast, lovely to meet you!xo

  4. Your photos are great. It looks like you had so much fun.


    1. Bloggers' events are really fun! Do you take part in them? x

  5. Brilliant photos Iga, looks like you guys had fun!
    Sad I missed it but there's always next time :)

    Christy x
    Dinner Stories

    1. Definitely! It was really a fantastic way to get to know each other better.