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Hotter's Shamelessly Made Love To My Feet

Comfy shoes equals happy, healthy feet. 
As an urban explorer I am always on the hunt for shoes that will allow me to walk for miles around Aberdeen without compromising on design or comfort. Classic British shoe brand Hotter invited me, among other bloggers based in Aberdeen, to check out their new collection and learn more about the brand. 

I am always keen to hear and learn more about brands, especially when they are delivered by people who are passionate about their products. I had the chance to learn that Hotter are a British classic brand which provide pillow soft underfoot cushioning, are lightweight, breathable, and have flexible soles (Can feet ask for more?).

Could exploring the collection get any better? Nibbles, great atmosphere, and pretty things to look at?Hotter knows how to create positive vibes.  

My guilty yet delicious pleasure.  

Meet Sarah, Amy and Lauren.  

If you are looking for an uber light shoes these are for you! I just could not decided what colour I love more! Ideally both, grey and blue. 

I am quite tempted to buy them! Memory foam supports my feet so well, unbelievable. Perfect for long, evening casual walks; goodbye to sore tired feet. Just by looking at them now, and remembering how comfortable they are I want to buy them, immediately!

I did not realise how comfortable they are until I try them on! It's like walking on a cloud. 

Pillow soft underfoot cushioning makes this design my favourite one for summer look! Such a shame size 3 had already sold out! Obviously other people knew before me how amazing this brand is! I was already imagine myself walking in these around Thailand. The cushioning really supports and protects your feet from any biting and tiredness. They just shamelessly made love to my feet.
Guess who went for the vintage look?
One of the first people to chose, what style they want to try!  Lovely Sarah, I also had the chance to meet at another event during Revolution's Cocktail Masterclass in Aberdeen. 

Roxanne Wedges were quite popular as you can see.  Comfy, classic, stylish, gorgeous.

I am glad I was not the only one feeling spoiled with choice; there are so many wonderful designs and styles to choose from.
And to finish the look with accessories! If you do not have time to look for inspiration check Hotter's Look Book. It will help you pick your perfect choose for every style. If you are not sure with your choice you have 90 days to return your shoes and get the one you fall in love with. 
What did I pick? I will share as soon as my delivery arrives. Size 3 proved to be very popular in Aberdeen, so I have to wait for a bit.  

Where did you get your most comfortable shoes from? Check out Hotter.
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  1. Just gotta say, your outfit is adorable in these photos! Beautiful lady.

    - Laura (Whispering) xo

    1. Thank you Laura, that's so sweet of you! Inspired by Little Me from the Moomins. :)

  2. Can't wait to see your shoes!!!

    Would you be able to send me the pic of my feet, please?

    1. Hahaha me too! Photos should be available for you now.

  3. Cushioning is so essential with shoes - especially in a city environment. The event looks like a lot of fun!


    1. It was great! <3 I cannot believe it that year later and I still have the pair and they look brand new. Iga x

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  5. Really? That's awesome. I am very satisfied with my pair of best running shoes for flat feet. It's very comfortable, good for health and for stamina as well.

    1. Over a year later and I can still say that my Hotter's shoes are looking as good as they did when I got them. I am definitely convinced that the quality is from the top shelf. Iga