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Mito Sushi, Gdansk, Poland

There might be a few things that you might not know about me but if you had been with me on Twitter, Instagram or here at IgaBerry you know one thing. I love sushi! If I could be a type of food, I probably would be a sushi roll (with avocado of course!)

After an exciting afternoon at JumpCity, I had the chance to visit Mito Sushi for the second time which is located in the heart of Gdansk. 

Mito Sushi
ul. Szeroka (corner of ul. Tandeta 1)
80-835 Gdansk, Poland

Let me share with you another thing I love: interesting/quirky/unique/pretty interior designs and places that make me want to come back over and over again. I feel that interior design makes Mito Sushi a very inviting place to eat at. It was an obvious choice for me and fellow sushi lovers I was with. 

Out of curiosity I would love to know how long and how many people created this interesting piece. It really creates greats ambience with the red brick wall. It looks like something I would like to adapt in my future terrace. Just have a look how pretty the bamboo shoots look instead of usual flowers. Straight away this made me hope that the same attention to details is paid to food.  

I have noticed that Mito Sushi is rather busing on Fridays so if you would rather have a table, book in advance. You can book your table online on Mito Sushi's website here. I love that you are just a few clicks away form booking a dinner. Are you wondering what the red thing is? Me too. Share your ideas in comments. 

You did not book? No worries, just take advantage of their floating bar. Next time I am definitely going to do that. Dishes are placed on wooden boats! (Insta perfect photo opportunity)   

We shared the delicious Miyagi, perfect for two as it has 40 pieces a with variety of sea food such as prawns, tuna, and salmon. Before we knew it, it was all gone! So if you are a sushi lover, and there is three or more people, consider adding extra dishes or taking a bigger set. Everything arrives beautifully arranged on a  round slate plate/platter. Pink flowers added the extra touch I am looking for and just making the whole looking very pretty.    

What will you get in Miyagi? 

Futomaki Ika Ten (with squid tempura and pomegranate)

I have a soft spot for squid tempura, especially after my trip to Italy a few years back. 

Nutty Futomaki Sake Yaki (with grilled salmon, and you guessed nuts)

I have never before had the chance to try a combination of sushi and nuts and I must say at first I was taken aback. However it works! 

Delicious Futomaki Maguro (with tuna)

Mouth watering California Sake Kurado (wrapped in salmon almost like Pigs in Blanket just sushi version, and with Philadelphia Cheese)

They are delicious! I love how delicate the salmon was. California Sake Kurado disappeared from the plate first. 

Yummy Futomaki Sake Philadelphia (with salmon)

I think this is definitely one of the pretties photos (below) I have ever taken! No filters needed! 

Tasty California Ebi Ten (with shrimp)

And if you are not in the mood for sake, order one of the ice teas. Lemon Mint is my favourite! The hosts also offer advice if you cannot decide what you should order. I have been recommended the deliciously looking Gyutataki (picked tenderloin beef steak) and Suzuki De Tomarigi (zander in sunflower seeds with rice noodles). Both sound and look delicious! Yes, I did have a shameless peak at what tables beside us ordered.  

What is your favourite sushi place?

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  1. I really need to see Poland one day!! I love sushi and I'm always fascinated by the interior design of restaurants! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

    1. Definitely! If you are based in UK you can find very cheap flights to Gdansk, Cracow, and Warsaw. Where did you have your best sushi ever? Iga x