Food matters, first impression do not. Bellevue, Gdansk, Poland

Food matters, first impression do not. 

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Norwegian Excellence in Gdansk's city centre.  

From the outside, the restaurant did not look extremely inviting. I could have easily passed it by without even noticing the place; thankfully I did not keep on walking. I needed a of bit convincing before going in so I had a cheeky look at Bellevue's Tripadvisor page (the magic worked). Mouth watering photos of food were exactly what I needed to go inside and step straight into this classy, tastefully decorated restaurant. There is something about tulips, simple elegance, and sophistication that works.       

Bellevue offers an impressive selection of wines. White, red, rose, sparkling? Not sure what to pick? I never am. Just ask a writer. I have to say, I love learning more about wines and food, but its such a shame that I did not manage to visit Martha's Vineyard last summer. Anyway, the waiter was more than happy (and helpful) to answer all of my questions, suggest different wines based on my tastes, explaining any quires I had about the meals and go into details about the restaurant itself. If you ask me, that is truly great customer service right there. 

Light appetisers are always a very pleasant surprise as not all restaurants offer them. I can live without them but I am always so excited to start with a little extra before the main meal. Well the ones received were truly delicious. Light, flavoursome, moist, gorgeous.

Something to satisfy that pre meal hunger and get your appetite going. Stewed chicken livers in Creme de cassis with red onion marmalade and herb toasts, tender, moist, delicious! These were truly stunning.

I am not going to deny it, I was not sure what to pick. Bellevue offers a really tempting selection of mains. I was in between two fish dishes. After a great deal of much needed help from the waiter (thank you!), I finally decided. Pan-fried salmon filet with mango and avocado salsa and mashed potato with sun dried tomatoes; it was exactly what I needed with my wine. Everything worked so perfectly together I was sad when I finished as I wanted more.

My lovely companion was lost for words with the tenderness of their duck leg confit with buckwheat pancakes, sautéed savoy cabbage and cranberry chutney. I really liked the look of it. There is always next time! The duck (I was told) was sublime and the pancakes triggered am internet search for recipes as it was enjoyed so much.

Is there anything better to finish an already perfect date, which started in Jump City, than a delightful chocolate dessert? Chocolate fondant with salted carmel was easily the best part of the evening! Fish was delicious, starter too but dessert... Dessert was to die for! It was so worth the extra 15 minutes  of cook time, not like I minded anyway. I was enjoying myself with a glass of delicious, crisp wine. The fondant melted in my mouth with flavours so detailed and divine. The melt in the middle blew everything out of the water.

Bellevue has proven to me that I am a dessert person. It was so delicious and pretty I could not help myself. Even if you do not want a meal just pop in for wine and dessert, is so worth it! 

What is your favourite dessert?
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  1. I'm so glad you went in as well! Hopefully when I'm in Poland I happen to pass by this place so I can try it. Now I need to go find some delicious food because this post made me hungry!

    Single Vegas Girl

    1. Hello, definitely check it out! It's worth it! Have a wonderful day, Iga x