Gdańsk, Poland

National Museum, Gdansk

Are you an art geek? Time to time I like to visit museums, art galleries, castles etc. During my last visit in Gdansk I had some time on my hands so I decided to visit the National Museum.
 I was  rather excited to see the collection of ceramics and Last Judgment by Hans Memling.   

ul. Toruńska 1
Gdańsk, Poland

My friendly Hello had proven to be too much for the lady in the ticket box office, similarly it was too much to ask us what tickets we wanted. Mrs Grumpy (Yes, I do give people nick names) just assumed what ticket we want and then made a big issue 'IT'S ON THE TILL!' after we asked for the other type. Imagine going to Asda to buy bread and the cashier assumes you wanted milk, and then makes a fuss like a spoiled teen girl who received a Mercedes in the wrong colour for her birthday. Anyway, you are lactose intolerant but your partner drinks milk so you buy it for the sake of it. That's exactly what I did, paid to avoid any further arguments. 

I was lucky as the lady which worked downstairs seemed not to be bothered by my existence too much so I could take a few photos to share with you.  

National Museum definitely does not have the biggest collection of ceramics that I have ever seen. It includes porcelain so I was perfectly satisfied. It is charming in its own way. I could stay there for longer and I probably would have, if I had known what grotesqueness was going to happen upstairs.  

On this occasions my photos are not able to show the perfection of every detail, but it was gorgeous! 

Ground floor was definitely my favourite. 

If porcelain is not your thing, upstairs you will find paintings and... 

...unwelcoming staff. Well, at least that is what I found: loud gossips, unprofessional manner when spoken to, heavy sights, and complimented with step by step following me like a hawk. I checked if they did this to other people too, they did. Maybe I looked extremely dodgy, or maybe they just desperately need a fast track customer service training.  

Exhibitions itself are interesting, but if you do not have the time or don't want to feel unwelcome visit the Amber Museum

Overall I just cannot recommend this place. I love to share positive vibes with everyone but this place just sucks them out of you and the best art won't change the feeling.  
Did you ever had awful experience in a Museum?
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  1. I've never had an awful experience in a museum! Most of the workers seem really passionate and helpful at the ones I've been too. You should complain!

    Corinne x

    1. That's how I felt in all of them, except this one. I am not a big complainer and after looking at Tripadvisor etc. I am not the only one being treated so rudely. Iga x

  2. Ugh this is awful, rude customer service is the worst

    The perks of being a hipster blog

    1. How do you react to rude customer service? Iga x

  3. Ah that's not good at all. I hate rude staff it just dampens the whole experience! X