Amazon Kindle Voyage Origami Case

Amazon Kindle Voyage Origami Case
Amazon Kindle Voyage Origami Case
The Kindle Voyage was my first ever Kindle and I was not really sure how much I was going to like it. I certainly wanted to make my reading experience as pleasurable as possible.

I was very quick to start looking for a Kindle cover after purchasing the Voyage; better safe than sorry. Amazon offers a really wide range products from different sellers, so I knew my chances of finding something to my liking was possible. As you can imagine the choice was not easy!   

I knew from the first sight that the Origami cover in a beautiful citron colour would be mine! Lately, I am all about intense, easy to spot colours. Especially when I leave it behind by accident on a bus seat; one quick look back at my seat and there it is bright, happy in your face yellow. 

Amazon Kindle Voyage Origami Review Case Citron

Amazon Kindle Voyage Origami Case is not your typical book style cover, yet the idea is fairly simple yet very effective. Origami cover is magnetised and fits the Kindle Voyage perfectly. It is really effortless to place Kindle in the case and it does not add too much extra weight. I do not have any issues with clipping the cover on and off if I need too. The case is made from polyurethane and it looks like new after solid a 10 months of using it. Cover is thin, light, and sturdy. I can clean it in a few moves with a damp microfiber cloth.  

Amazon Kindle Voyage Origami Review Case Citron

To open the case you flip like a notepad, and then it magnetically snaps together and always stays closed while on the go. It helps to make the sure screen remains scratch free while in a bag. The inside of the front cover is covered with a soft microfiber-type fabric and provides that extra protection for the screen.

Amazon Kindle Voyage Origami Review Case Citron

One of the big Origami Case’s advantages is its hand free reading experience. Creating a stand for Kindle is very easy as the case magnetically snaps together and allows me to create a prop up stand. This allows the Kindle to stand on a table, bed, really any fairly flat surface and not once has it fallen.
I not only fold the case to place the Kindle on a table, but I also fold it because I simply enjoy walking and holding it by the fold one handed. Carrying my tea/sandwich/phone/bag while reading is so much easier when you have one hand free. If you like to munch during reading and walking this cover is for you.   

Amazon Kindle Voyage Origami Review Case Citron

As with any product there is always something that could be added or improved upon. I would really like it if I could stand my Kindle in more than one angle. A flatter angle would be definitely a great addition.

I have never had a book style cover before so I cannot really compare, but I have used them for iPads on occasion. From my current experience, I can easily say that I would rather have the Origami Case for Kindle and for a tablet rather than a book style cover.

Amazon Kindle Voyage Origami Review Case Citron

I might seem slightly too protective of my devices but I really like to keep my gadgets secure and in perfect condition for as long as I can. Don’t you think that damaged items have something miserable about them? In addition, the way things are treated by the owner says a lot about them in my opinion. That is why I enjoy surrounding myself with chipped and scratch free things. I do not want people to look at my Kindle and take a mental note to never let me borrow anything. Thus, I do not mind paying a few extra pounds for covers, insurance etc. Better safe than sorry. I always was aware and cautious with my things however, that’s not to say I never had my lessons. I learned it the hard way after spilling water over my first brand new laptop. I remember saving for this laptop for ages and when I destroyed it with my own clumsiness and a bit of water… Soul destroying. I’ve never had a drink near my open laptop again.
Do you use covers for your devices?

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  1. This looks so perfect! I have the old kindle paperwhite & as much as I love it I'm still using a old tesco leather case on it! It serves it's purpose though ^_^

    Katie | Words By Katie

    1. I am sure it's great too! What design did you go for? Are you like me in love with intense, bright, happy colours?