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I am one of these obsessed people who love to discover new delicious food, places, cultures, traditions, rituals and people. One of my must sees when I travel are Chinatowns and other Asian related areas (absolute favourite is Little Tokio in Los Angeles, must visit) as I just do not have enough of anything that gives me at least a little experience of Asia; I could not possibly say which country exactly as all of them are so different and exciting. 
My little obsession increased since I had the chance to met and spend an amazing three months with Katy in Boston, who introduced me to mouthwatering dim sums, crab, lobster Chinese style, and of course sailing! When I was traveling to London, visiting Chinatown and buying mochi was my top priority.     
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I started my visit to London's Chinatown with an all you can eat buffet don't judge me, I am sure I am not the only one that cannot resist all you can eat shrimp. With a very full stomach, 24 shrimps later I continued my journey from shop to shop finding the already familiar as well as new and exciting things.
In the introduction photo I am holding, in my left hand (right side of the photo), delicious mochi,  a traditional food for Japanese New Year. I am always getting them when I have the chance, I can not resist them. Mochi's texture is very soft, smooth, more or less sticky depending from the type. You can also find mochi ice-cream, where a cream ice cream is wrapped in the Mochi. In London you can find them in the Japan Centre (19, Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 7ED). I wish there would be Japan Centre somewhere in Scotland. Ideally in Aberdeen. Luckily I can get them in Yo  Sushi and Wagamama
Walnuts Biscuits
Walnut biscuits are great if you are not in a mood for an adventure. You get exactly what you see on the tin...I mean photo. 
Shops In Chinatown London UK Travel Blogger What to buy

Meltykiss, in blueberry flavour, are another safe bet, worth it to try for all berry lovers out there! 

Pocky Shops In Chinatown London UK Travel Blogger What to buy

If you like Mikado and want to try more flavours such as green tea, honey, strawberry, banana, blueberry and more, look for snacks called Pocky, both are sold under license by Mondelez International. Lately I am all about green tea flavours, a Mochi must, so there is no surprises what I picked. In Aberdeen I do not have the opportunity to buy them, or at least I am not aware where I could, so I use the website   Tofu Cute.    

Aloe Vera Tea

There is also something for tea lovers! Chinatowns are my number one when I am desperate for Aloe Vera tea. 

Hello Kitty Shops In Chinatown London UK Travel Blogger What to buy

At least in one shop out of ten you will find some sort of Hello Kitty product. 

Pusheen Shops In Chinatown London UK Travel Blogger What to buy

And my personal favourite, which I am sure I don't have to introduce. Pusheen! I am looking for a huge soft Pussheen let me know if you have seen one that is at least 60cm wide.

I am not going to deny, if not for luggage restrictions, one of these cuties would already be sitting on my bed. 

Cute Cakes Animals Shops In Chinatown London UK Travel Blogger What to buy
Beautiful creatures aren't they? Incredible cake toppers.
Cute Pig Cakes Animals Shops In Chinatown London UK Travel Blogger What to buy
Not only cute, pink and adorable but also delicious! At first I could not believe that these happy looking piggies are eatable! How could I eat such a cutie? Just looking at it makes me smile. I do have some sort of soft spot for cute piglets, I blame Whinny The Pooh.

Dog Cute Cakes Animals Shops In Chinatown London UK Travel Blogger What to buy
Do you like to explore different Chinatowns? What other foods should I try and what do you want to try?
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  1. All the toys and edibles look so cute!


    1. I know, if I could I would buy at least a few!

  2. I'm all about Asian delights. I saw your photograph of Pocky and was like, "Yes!" :)

    S .x http://ramblingsofayoungprgirl.blogspot.com

    1. I am currently in Thailand, guess what was one of the first items in my shopping bag?:) Love, Iga x

  3. Great article, really need to take a visit now and explore - it's been a while!

    Lindsi x


    1. Did you plan anything yet? Sending sun from beautiful Thailand! Love, Iga x

  4. Ooh, I'm planning a trip to London for next week and this has been super helpful (especially in convincing me I need to stop off and get some mochi!!) I think I've also fallen in love with that yellow sheep (or ram?) plush! So cute!!

    1. Hahahaha I have fallen in love with sheep too! They were too adorable not to share! How was your trip in London? Did you try mochi? Love, Iga x