North Hop, Aberdeen

North Hop Beer Festival
North Hop returned at the end of April to Aberdeen and I had the chance to take part! It is hard to imagine, but it was my first ever craft beer, cider and gin festival complimented with street food, music and other tempting stalls. I had a chance to meet the brewers and discover more fantastic products from across Scotland in Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre (AECC). If you are in Aberdeen and trying to get to the AECC, the easiest bus to get would be the X40. If you do not mind walking for around 5 minutes try number the 1 or 2, the bus stop is a short walk away.
AECC Aberdeen
The atmosphere was unbelievably cosy and friendly, such a great way to spend your Saturday evening with like minded people. I was slightly tired, so I started my evening with a Cold Brew Coffee from Brew Lab. I would love to visit the Brew Lab cafe in Edinburgh or Glasgow.
Cold Brew Coffee
For those with a bigger and/or smaller hunger, North Hop had a variety of street food to choose from: Cue, Fresh Mex, Aye Love Real Food and others.   
Cue Aberdeen
Delicious burgers from Cue! Btw. if you are in Aberdeen and in a juicy meat moody, make sure to pop in there. Their pulled pork sliders with BBQ sauce is to die for! I especially like to pop in when I am with friends for a casual night out.  
Scottish Food
A perfect snack, to hold in hand in-between a ciders, from Aye Love Real Food. They were perfect as a small bite and nibble along side a cider.
Flavoured Popcorn
Popcorn from Poporopo is simply delicious! Sweet Ginger was my favourite flavour. They also have Gin and Tonic, Sea Salt yummy, Chilli and Lime, Peanut Butter omnomom, and Chocolate Orange. If you are thinking of a cinema date at home, these little crunchy popcorns will be a great munch. 
Thistly Cross Cider
My absolute number one ciders available during the festivals were the Real Elderflower (photo above) and Real Strawberry (first photo) from Thistly Cross Cider. What a great quality and taste! I do not enjoy strong, powerful, too rich and bitter alcohols so I was pleasantly surprised with sweetness.  
The Crema Caravan Aberdeen Event
The Crema Caravan if you ask me was the best dessert available during North Hop. I really hope they will join the festival next year and that I will be able to have their yummy brûlées more often than once a year. Rhubarb and custard... Heaven! Moreover, this cute caravan gave me an exciting, delicious, and cute idea for an event I will have the chance of organising.  
Gin o'clock
As of late I am really starting to change my mind about gin. I was always a big fan of sweet cocktails but my fling with gin started with a delicious gin cocktails with rosemary I had in Revolution. (Did you know that I also had the chance to take part in a Cocktail Masterclass and try new out a new summer menu at Revolution in the Granite City? I am so glad that blogging gives me such exciting opportunities to try things I possibly would not before.) The same was with the North Hop.   
10 dollar shake Aberdeen
Talking about cocktails... 10 Dollar Shake with their talented and handsome bartenders were incredibly quick at creating tasty cocktails.   
North Hop
The attention to details was great, reminding me slightly of farms and shabby chick. 
North Hop
It was really refreshing seeing how creative and interesting different stalls were. I do eat and drink with my eyes, so obviously I was drawn to the incredible looking bars.
Beer North Hop
Are you a beer lover?
North Hop
Craft beer from BrewDog will definitely satisfy craft beer lovers. Read about BrewDog's story at their website here.  
North Hop is definitely a perfect event in Aberdeen for fine beer.  
North Hop
Next time, I am definitely not going to think twice before buying tickets to take part in North Hop. I had a blast. It is not only a different way to spend your weekend but also an opportunity to meet and support local businesses. Aberdeen definitely needs events like this.
North Hop
What is your favourite drink of choice?
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  1. Sounds like such a fun event, I'm glad to hear you've had a great time! :) Everything looks so cool, I'd definitely love to try those popcorns! xx


    1. It was a great event! Definitely try popcorn it's delicious! Are you attending any events anytime soon? Happy Friday, Iga x

  2. I have never been to Aberdeen but this sounds amazing! I especially love the sound of the popcorn x

    1. Hi Holly! Popcorn was delicious! If you have a chance to try various flavours, I would say give it a go. It might surprise you how much you like it. It surprised me! :) Love, Iga x