Are your goals SMART?

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Do you set your goals? If you do, are your goals SMART? How do you set them? Setting goals is a great opportunity to stop wasting time and get things done. Read more here about the benefits of writing them down.

Overwhelming yourself with thousands and thousands of goals is not the best of ideas. Yearly I have one or two main goals that I focus on. However, daily I tend to have around three time consuming goals, which will take over an hour to complete. In addition, I would have three to five tasks, which take no longer than half an hour and onto of a few quick one.

I set daily goals a night before bed or early in the morning, nothing better than a quick brainstorming session with hot tea and shortbreads nearby. Taking time to think what is really important to you can sometimes surprise you. There is nothing wrong with writing a goal down and scheduling it for next week.

Everyone is saying how important it is to make your goals SMART. What do they mean exactly? SMART stands for: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely goals. The best goals should be specific so you know what you are striving for. Goals that are too vague do not really send a message of what exactly you want to accomplish. Measure your progress for further motivation and to be able to see how marvelously you are doing. Make sure you are able to achieve your goals and understand how you are going to do it; just saying that you want to be the next Jane Austin is not enough. Relevancy and realism of the goal and actions is not only important because of its practicality but it helps you avoid wasting time for achievable, at least at this point, goals. Deliver your goals by a certain date. Learning Italian sounds great but when exactly do you want to be able to communicate in Italian by?

I would suggest trying dividing your big goal into smaller managable steps. Saying that you will have a six pack within a month, when your body fact is over 20% is not realistic and not achievable. Firstly timing is wrong, for me three months to achieve a six pack would not be enough. This goal would mean that I am setting myself up for a very hard and long time at the gym, but also for disappointment. However, what can I do is set a longer time frame for the goal and aim to achieve a great flatter, less bloated tummy before my holidays. I could measure it by comparing how many inches more or less I have.  

What would be my SMART goals on the example of this website?


Create a website, where I can share my travel, lifestyle, personal development, reviews and gain new readers.


Create a hundred articles within a year, social media, and have over 10,000.00 viewers monthly.


Publish two articles a week and create social media posts: 24 per day on Twitter, at least one for Instagram.


Sign up for a writing course to improve creative writing.


Achieve this goal a year from creating website.

Applying SMART works very well for my daily goals, as instead of writing general goals I am more to the point. I know when to start, what I want to achieve, and when to finish. There is nothing more disheartening for me than not seeing the end of the task. I feel like a hamster in a wheel, and I have to say as cute as they are I am not enjoying being a hamster. Since I adapted SMART my goals look like this: schedule social media post for next seven days, schedule three posts: two about personal development, and one about latest travel. Confusion decreased.

What are your goals? How do you determine what is your goal? 
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  1. Every Sunday I write down a set of goals for the upcoming week and then break them down into smaller ones for every day of the week. And it works like a charm! :)

    xx, Matea

    1. Small steps and in no time you will get to the main goal! What are your goals for this week? Iga x

  2. I do A level business, so I know all about SMART goals but have never thought to apply them to my blog! x

    1. Try it, it does actually work for my website pretty well Holly. Let me know how did it go! Happy Friday, Iga x

  3. I have heard of SMART but have never thought of applying it to my blog either, I probably should as I let work etc get in the way of my blog so don't always post twice weekly like I want to.

    I do have a planner (mostly unused) as well as a weekly planner pad but I do use that more for mundane stuff like house work, things I need to get, etc.

    The Life of Dee

    1. That was my goal too to post twice a week Denise! As you already know I am looking for a new planner. My one ends in June so that's pretty good excuse to buy a new one, don't you think? See you soon, Iga x