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Fantastic, you decided to go for your holidays but are not sure where to go. Don’t panic it is not too late to organise your dream holiday! Online quizzes that try to guess where you should go for your holiday can give some ideas but, they still should be treated as entertainment. There are many various types of holidays starting from city breaks, backpacking, beach, all-inclusive (nothing wrong with free drinks), on the budget… Too many beautiful places are waiting to be discovered. It is really hard to pick one. Every time I am trying to decide, which is Autumn/Winter time, I am on the same page! 

Helpful Questions:

Where are you craving to go to right now? Would it rather be a beach holiday on secluded white beach, active holidays, or adventurous backpacking trip? City or country side? Determining what you want do is important as it helps to cut back on unnecessary research.

When can you go?

What kind of traveler are you? This strongly connects with types of holidays you might prefer. I am definitely not a conformist type so I will certainly not base my holiday choice based on social acceptance, just because all of my friends have been there and done that. Picking a destination based on what other people think is fashionable or trending currently means also higher costs. I am very curious, since I always want to see the sights too and have the need for an active option when I want, as well as tranquil moments with a cocktail in my hand during holidays. It is easy enough to guess that if I’m backpacking I will need a few days rest somewhere between stops, and when on an all-inclusive holiday I also want to explore cities, culture and have a chance to book myself for a kite surfing lessons. If you still are not sure, ask yourself...    

How would your perfect day look during your trip? Would you go shopping, hiking, have cocktails and lay near a swimming pool, jump into the ocean or bungee jumping? What would be the most important thing for you to do? What would you not like to miss out?   

How important for you is the weather? Do you prefer hot or low temperatures? I would love to visit Norway but if I am going for a holiday hot destinations are my winner.

Who are you traveling with, brother, friends, partner, parents, kids or alone? Consider this as it will and should influence your decision. When I travel alone I visit places with lower crime rates. As a female, I probably would not travel alone to South America, so take safety on board while picking. Of course South America is fine, and thousands and thousands of single tourists are fine there. However, I do not feel that I could possibly react as well to a situation that might happen compared to someone with more experience.   

Would you rather go to a well-known destination e.g. New York, Majorca, London, Bahamas or a less known place such as Haucachina in Peru, Tinago Falls in Philippines, or the Marble Caves in Chile?

How much can you pay? Budget is something that definitely will influence your decision. What else helps with deciding your next holiday destination is an open mind for different solutions. Yes, all-inclusive holidays in luxury 5 star Hawaiian resort sound dreamy, yet if they are unachievable with your budget at the moment consider other options. What is the main attraction for you in a 5 star Hawaiian holiday? The 5 star hotel and cocktails or the destination itself? 5 star hotels will be cheaper elsewhere if that is what you really want and you can find cheaper places in Hawaiian if you want. 

What else do you consider when deciding about holiday destination?

If you want to read how to save more when traveling return next week to read an article with tips. 

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  1. Oh now all I wanna do is pack my bags and travel somewhere to recharge a bit and relax :) These are all great questions to think about before going somewhere, knowing the answer to them can really help you plan the perfect little vacation! :)

    xx, Matea

    1. Thank you so much Matea! I was trying to share what I usually do before planning my trips and I am glad it could help someone! Love, Iga x