Johnston Gardens, Aberdeen

Johnston Gardens Aberdeen Blogger
Johnston Gardens are a very tranquil, wonderful hidden gem of Aberdeen and one of the places I adore the most in the Granite City. 
Johnston Gardens Aberdeen Scotland
Although it is quite tricky to get there without a car, I am more than happy to a bus journey from the city centre, takes around 15 - 20 minutes, to have the chance to read a book in such a stunning, flowery, and relaxing setting. 
Bridge Johnston Gardens Aberdeen
Pond, blue bridge, and a waterfall give me a feeling of Japanese gardens, which I adore and visit any time I have the chance. It is one of my dreams to design my own Japanese garden and build it with my own hands. All of these features, especially a bridge, remind me of Japanese type gardens. If you admire them as I do and you traveling anytime soon to San Francisco, do not miss Japanese garden there, absolutely gorgeous! 
Johnston Gardens Aberdeen Scotland
Aberdeen definitely benefits from having such a wonderful asset away from the city centre, because it makes it a perfect place for a peaceful afternoon with the kids for example to feed the ducks, play or talk. There are swings, and a climbing frame, which of course I had to give a go. I can also imagine that playing hide and seek would be fantastic there with so many opportunities to hide. The park is not big enough to get lost, yet there is enough space for that kind of game.
Johnston Gardens Aberdeen Scotland
Despite the fact that gardens are in a residential area, there are not any cars or other noises that would disturb this lovely experience. I particularly like that it is possible to notice all kinds of wildlife, mainly birds as well as numerous flowers, bushes, trees and other kind of plants.     
Gardens Parks Aberdeen
Higher levels of the garden provide an excellent overview of the blossoming flowers, trees, pond, and cute ducks that live there. 
Green Space Aberdeen
The garden itself is rather small but I believe this just adds to the cuteness. There are also many benches along small pathways, so I never had an issue with finding a place to sit. 
Johnston Gardens Aberdeen
I had a chance to walk around Johnston Gardens in spring, as well as during autumn time and both times, it was a wonderful experience. I am not surprised that this beautiful place won the Britain In Bloom award on numerous occasions. 
Aberdeen Blogger
In addition, I can imagine how wonderful a photo shot could be done there. Engaged couples, newly weds, family photo shots this is a great, calm spot to do it since it is not very busy especially during the weekdays. Everything there makes a magical setting for photos. 
Aberdeen Blogger
I am not sure if there are any types of cafe to have lunch and coffee in nearby. I am sure there is not one in the gardens, so I usually take my own lunch with me.     
Aberdeen Scotland
It is a shame I am not living closer to Johnston Gardens, as I would definitely be there more often. It is a little treasure in Aberdeen. I can imagine myself having lunches and picnics on my yellow blanket. How cosy can one be?  
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  1. Love your pictures =]

  2. Ooh it's such a wonderful and relaxing place, loving how colorful it is! :)


    1. It's wonderful there! Definitely a place for tranquil walk after walk in Aberdeen. Love, Iga x