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Luxury Stay in the Heart of Glasgow

I do not think I have to say how excited I was for my stay in Glasgow, but I will anyway, EXTREMELY. A few years back, this wonderful, buzzing city stole my heart; it now belongs to Glasgow, enough to make me move there for a while. 
A few times a year I always make sure to visit Glasgow, at least once each season. It is something about the vibrancy, the urban charm of Glasgow, that I just cannot have enough of. 
This time I had the incredible chance to stay in the most elegant, the extremely chic and historic Grand Central Hotel, which is located in the heart of Glasgow’s city centre, 99 Gordon Street. 
I was so thrilled to have a romantic city break in such a luxurious place! I could not have possibly asked for more.
As I entered and the grand doors closed behind me, all of the city noise disappeared and I immediately felt welcomed; like I had entered another world. I was rather early as check in starts from 2pm so I would have understood if the staff had asked me to return later. Instead of sending me away, I was guided to the concierge where I could leave my luggage with and either return later or wait for my room to be ready. 
I am not denying it, nor hiding it, I am an interior design lover so I was more than happy to have the extra time downstairs to take extra photos of the fantastic welcoming lobby and waiting room. 
Historic buildings can be very demanding in terms of elements, which work well together, especially if they are modern. Sometimes traditional and modern designs combined together clash, yet the Grand Central Hotel after its refurbishment managed to create something fantastic. They seamlessly join the charm of old-fashioned wooden panels with lampshades, mirrors, lamps and sofas adding this extra little touches.
Things as simple like having flavoured water for everyone at check in and out, these things highlight why it is a four star hotel with so many awards. Attention to even the smallest of details was just incredible and well received.   I picked up my luggage after a fantastic time at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the Hunterian Museum and a light bite at Naked Soup.
I was now on my way to the bedroom, I could feel the anticipation build up in me. I was welcomed to traditional interior design with well thought out modern touches. I could see and feel the inspiration coming from a travel theme, this was very well thought out throughout the hotel starting from the reception, corridors, restaurant, and finishing in the bedrooms. 
I stayed on the fifth floor in one of their luxurious Superior Double Room, which also had great views. 
Sweet treats for a good stay! Grand Central Hotel also offer romantic break packages, a romantic city break is in my top three wow factory surprises especially when it includes chocolate dipped strawberries, read more here
As I entered the room, a huge double bed with crispy, white pillows was the first thing I noticed and obviously, I jumped straight onto them. And it felt so good! After almost 6 hours of walking and early morning travel from Aberdeen, a good TV Yoga session on the bed was much needed! The bed ate me alive, it was so dreamy. 
But where was the TV? Where is my romantic night with wine and some romantic music in the background? No dancing around in the morning? And then I spotted this cute little Yorkshire Terrier:  
A TV built into this huge mirror? Yes please! 
And TV Yoga could begin. 
I have already shared on Instagram the bathroom, which by the way made its way to my list of bathroom inspirations. White marble vanity top with another big mirror! Instagram perfect combination! Mainly black and white bathroom with a touch of golden elements such as taps, so chic and stylish! 
Even toiletries were colour coordinated and from one of my favourite companies: the White Company. Their Jasmin, Rose, and Neroli shower gel smells insanely good.  
Before I knew it, it was time to start getting ready for my DATE NIGHT! Excitement explosion. Thankfully, the bathroom has a large window, which opens so goodbye steam on the mirror and hello makeup. It may sound trivial but the window provided great lightning, which is something I really appreciate.
Make up sessions in a bathroom like this is an absolute pleasure! It probably lasted longer than usual, but arranging all my cosmetics on a big, marble, vanity top when I’m wrapped up in a big, fluffy, white towel was just too much fun. I definitely could get use to it! Mental note to self, next time I am refurbishing my bathroom, I shall have a look at the photos from the Grand City Hotel for inspiration, it certainly delivers. 
Almost ready! Finishing touches before the date, I can already feel that I’m in for a treat. Read more about the date on Wednesday. 
Fresh as daisy in the morning, after an incredible evening of wining and dining, and then after a very comfy and cosy night in my bed, and equally wonderful hot shower, I managed to be on time for breakfast.
I was truly spoiled for choice, I was stuck between a continental breakfast with healthy alternatives such as strawberry milkshakes, yogurts, and cereals, or a hearty full fried Scottish breakfast with all the trimmings.
It is lovely when places consider people with different food requirements. I started off with a bowl of cereals and then moved on to a very Scottish feast. No judgment please.  
Quick tea before catching a train back to Aberdeen!
Sadly, everything good comes to an end and before I knew it my stay in Glasgow was coming to an end too! Thank you Grand Central Hotel for a wonderful stay! Plan your stay in Glasgow here and take advantage of an extra 10% off with using code: DIRECT1

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  1. Looks lovely ! Those fruity waters , OMG !Enjoy my dear <3

    1. Delicious! Waiting for check in and check out was so much nicer because of little touches like fruity water.

  2. Oooh, I did consider staying here a few weeks ago but ended up at Jury's Inn down the road instead. It looks great... I may have to make another trip to Glasgow :)

    1. Definitely! It is a very, very elegant and stylish place to stay. I absolutely loved small box of chocolates waiting for me in the room.

  3. The hotel looks absolutely stunning, I'm actually going to Glasgow next year and i will have to look into staying here. Such a great review

    1. Sign up for a newsletter to receive 10% off! I can highly recommend this place as it is in the heart of Glasgow so you can walk basically anywhere. If you don't want to subway is just behind the corner.

  4. Sounds like you had a terrific stay and this hotel looks absolutely beautiful. Love the idea of hiding a TV behind a mirror as well, how cool is that?!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. Me too! At first I did not realise, that is where TV is! How embarrassing hahaha I am glad I did not call the reception!