Kata Beach Phuket, Thailand

Was I bikini ready when I arrived in Phuket? Hard to say so after a blast in Chiang Mai but nevertheless going to the beach was the first thing on my list of to dos. Kata beach is quite crowded during day and welcomes tourists with beautiful beaches, colourful cocktails, and water sports.
The plan for our time there was simple, enjoy the surroundings and recover, ideally on the beach, after a very intense days in Chiang Mai, you have to see photos from there here. After waking up at 6am or earlier everyday in Chiang Mai, a beach holidays was exactly what I needed! Shamelessly I can say that I have not done anything more than enjoy the benefits of a pool, beach, blanket and my Kindle.
Beaches in Phuket surprise you with not only idillic views but also with strong rip currents. Thankfully most of rip currents are marked in one way or another so it is easier to avoid them. Would you like to know more about staying safe in water? Click here for more information.  
I really had a blissful first day there. Actually I was so excited, that I totally forgot to reapply sun cream on my feet after dipping them into the water, and that was me wearing trainers and hiding from the sun for next couple of days. Obviously just writing about sun protection as I did here is not enough.
In the evenings I would sit on the beach and watch one of the most magnificent sunsets I have had a chance to see so far in my life. Another one was definitely in Italy at the top of a hill in Cinque Terre.
Here in Kata Beach I went for my first Thai foot massage, ever, where for first time in a long time I was not able to use any sort of electronics, listen to very relaxing music, close my eyes and just chill out. It was so definitely needed! 
Being in Phuket, and not mentioning delicious food would be just wrong. Nothing better than fresh sea food in one of the seafront restaurants. Personally I enjoyed food in Ska Bar & Kata Seafood Restaurant. In comparison to other places it was one of the cheapest restaurants yet food was yummy and portion sizes were decent. Food in hotels can costs twice as much, or more, and do not necessarily taste better, so why stay in.
Phuket is also a party destination. I arrived off season and quite frankly I needed a break after Chiang Mai, so I decided not to explore the party side of Phuket. But I could not say no to a few Pina Coladas. I managed to find a very happy hour with delicious drinks for 100 baths before 9pm, most other places in Kata Beach charge around £200.  
On this occasion I also did not have much luck with sightseeing as I had to travel by foot. Taxis were quite pricy and without a taximeters, so I did not wanted risk being scammed. Although I could have hired a motorcycle or scooter I decided not to do so. Traveling on a motorbike as romantic as it seems, wind in hair and all that jazz, in Thailand is rather daunting. Especially for someone who has never risen one.      
Phuket might not show you the cultural side of Thailand, but it definitely exceed beach holidays expectations. 

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  1. Photos are truly amazing and beautiful. Also i really like you story

    Travel The World (jamiemaycock)


  2. I love your photos and it seems like you had a lovely foot massage!
    I never really go to beaches and Phuket seems like a lovely and relaxing beach holiday location rather than a place full of adventure.


    1. It is more of a beach holidays definitely rather than a place you will have an active, adventurous holidays. However it is quite close to Phi Phi Islands, which makes it a perfect stop before visiting.

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  4. Actually I was so excited, that I totally forgot to reapply sun cream on my feet after dipping them into the water, and that was me wearing trainers and hiding from the sun for next couple of days.

    1. Hahahah oh nooooo! I know the feeling tho! I am guilty of being overly excited and forgetting! The price is high and painful afterwards.