Phi Phi Islands, Krabi, Thailand

The Cat Island, Thailand

Cats' lover heaven? It must be Koh Phi Phi, part of the Krabi province. If you are, as I am, a fan of water sports, beaches, and not afraid of sea snakes this is place for you!

I visited during the wet season nevertheless we mostly had rain during the evening, not that this stop us partying. Cocktail buckets are the new glasses, just get use to the idea carrying around a small bucket filled with alcohol. One thing I learned is that bars on Koh Phi Phi are definitely not stingy with the amount of alcohol you get for your money. When does Phi Phi sleeps? I am tempted to say never as there is always someone partying.

Be aware that Koh Phi Phi is twice as expensive as Chiang Mai. However, if you are a water freak like me it is so worth the visit. Take one of the boat tours to try snorkelling. Coral reefs are one of the most beautiful things I have had a chance to see in my life so far. Admittedly, I had not seen too much of it due to the financial factor. Diving is a rather expensive hobby. 

I would say that Koh Phi Phi is more of a budget option if you want to go snorkelling or diving. My dream is to visit, picking from the top of my head, Coral Triangle, Maledives, Belize, and North Emma Reef.      
The Beach 

I could not forget to mention the fun fact, that the film The Beach, with Leonardo DiCaprio, was filmed nearby at Ko Phi Phi Lee, on Maya Bay and in order to make the paradise beach even more idyllic the film crew damaged and partly destroyed the ecosystem by expanding the beach and planting new trees. 

If you feel the urge to go it could not be easier, there are plenty of boats waiting that can take you there and back. Watch out for those rouge sellers though that will try to rip you off to get there. Negotiate you return trip cost before setting sail, be strong but not rude or pushy. Do not forget that Maya Bay is in fact a national park, and as such you have to pay a fee to enter. At the time of writing it is 200 Baht, so don't let yourself be tricked.  

Finally, I left the cutest, fluffiest fact last. Cats are everywhere there! It seems that there is at least one cat per shop, bar, hotel, restaurant, beach, any living space really. Cats are everywhere. Some of them are beautiful and well taken care of, and some of them you want to just take back home with you and nurse them back to health. This little fluffy residents with pricing eyes, knows exactly how to steal one's heart and make sure they tummy is filled with delicious fish from one of the beach front restaurants. They shamelessly parade in front of you until you notice them and jump on your table when you do not look. Be aware the dinner you want to eat might not have already been stolen by these cute little fluff balls. 

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  1. Once again, your photos are amazing!! keep posting more :)
    Kathy x

    1. Hey Kathy, thank you so much! Capturing moments is definitely one of the best ways for me to show what I had a chance to experience. It's absolutely a pleasure to share and read such a positive, motivational comments as the one from you! Have a fabulous day, Iga x

  2. An island with an endless supply of cheap alcohol, cats, and snorkelling opportunities?! COUNT ME IN!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  3. I love your photography! Teach me your ways lol.

    Nikki O.|

    1. Thank you so much Nikki! You are too kind! It comes with time :) x

  4. The food and service at this place were spectacular. I was at an amazing event here recently. The event was outdoors along the water and against a beautiful sunset. As the party moved indoors of DC wedding venues, I was struck by the decor.