5 Things That Will Remind Me of Summer 2016

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Summer time is great for taking your time to find new things which remind us of hot months during the darker, colder, and hopefully snowier winter. It could be anything that reminds us of the fun times we had; for example last year for me it was a dress in lovely bright yellow, bracelet bought during street market, and pretty home decoration. Colourful accessories definitely can help to brighten up cloudier days, at least mine! Check below the list of 5 items which I could not imagine my Summer 2016.
Hotters Mist Walking Shoes
Comfy walking shoes make long walks even more relaxing and blister free. These light-weight yet sturdy GORE-TEX shoes actually traveled with me to Thailand, Germany, England and around Scotland. I am confident to pick them for easier and moderately harder walks, even when it is raining. Insoles are removable so even if I do get wet it will be very easy to properly dry them. I have a feeling these will become handy during Autumn in Aberdeen!  
Iconemesis Fifi Lapin Rabbit Bunny Ears Case 
How could I not be happy looking at this cute bunny's face every morning as I am trying to switch off my alarm clock? I must admit that this case is one of the better ones I have ever had in terms of quality and material it is made from. The case has a pretty glossy finish and so far did not get scratched in my bag, compared to other cases which have become scratched. I have to say there is nothing as irritating as a case that gets scratched after a day or two! I would also love to get this one
Pillow Plump XXL
New lipstick has the power to brighten up your face and adds chick to the usual office look. This lips gloss apparently should make my lips look even bigger. I cannot deny nor confirm this yet, but I like the subtle, light finish and gloss to my daily make up it gives. Perfect summer colour even if it does not give me bigger lips! 
Sports Bra
I have to say there is only one thing better than complimentary pretzels during a long haul flight with Lufthansa... Comfortable sport bras, which do not feel too tight. My trip to Thailand was definitely way comfier than any other one since I decided to wear sports bra on the plane! Travel game changed forever!
Loccitane Hand Cream
Talking about flights... Any travel size creams from Loccitane is a hand saver! Quite literally! My favourite one due to its gorgeous smells are definitely the Shea Zesty Lime for citrus lovers, and Pivoine for flower lovers, but the one from the photo is also gorgeous! Since I forgot to take moisturising lip balm with me I also dabbed it gently on to my lips works magic.  

What things will remind you of summer during winter?
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  1. The bunny case is lovely, I'll be remembering summer by the smell of my favourite perfume.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

    1. Perfumes and smell are such a big part of my life too! What is your summer fav fragrance?

  2. The phone case is so cute!!
    Kathy x