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Chaophraya, Aberdeen

I had the absolute pleasure of being invited to Chaophraya's press launch in their brand new location, Aberdeen. Of course there was no way I could say no to such a perfect and exciting opportunity to have a little bit of Thailand in the Granite City. 
The first thing I noticed as soon as I walked in, except for their staffs' incredibly big and welcoming smiles, was a gorgeous combination of Thai decorations incorporated with traditional Scottish interior design.  They both blended together so well and created an impressive presence.
It is very heart warming how Chaophraya took advantage of the heritage that was already present and work around original features rather than removing them. By doing this they made both aspects of the cultures blend together seamlessly.
We arrived a little bit earlier than the rest of the guests, which presented us with the perfect excuse to explore more of the restaurant and see how much of Thailand there is in Aberdeen. We certainly found some little secrets and gems that are there to be seen.
My first thought when I noticed this sunken communal round table was how Chaophraya is spot on with introducing, and encouraging the Thai idea of sharing food. Sharing food is such an important aspect of the eating experience and this table gives you the close personal feel that is needed here in Aberdeen. I can easily see myself booking this table for my birthday in September and make the meal that much more personal and people orientated.
Chaophraya offers two VIP rooms for your dinning experience. Here you feel like you are in your own private Thailand where you get to experience and enjoy the delights and joys of their divine food with privacy and elusiveness.
And beautiful, clean presentation!
I was so busy with taking photos I totally forgot to have a look at the menu! However, our charming host was spot on with their food and cocktails recommendations. Sam was actually so kind to pick a cocktail for us, which he thought we should try. It must be destiny, or something, but every single one of his 'surprise' cocktails were a hit. 
We started with the mouthwatering Maeklong Platter, a brilliant selection sampler of the starters on offer. Our food appeared in front of us before we knew it, and equally fast it disappeared as we were tasting and chatting away.
As they say, the early bird catches the worm! ...And good lighting for photos.
Main dish? Flavoursome Lamb Teryaki. Moist, succulent, delicious.
Accompanied by coconut rice. I do not know who suggested putting coconut rice on the menu but this person must be a genius! I have never had such delicious, flavoursome rice, easily the best rice I have ever had. Sorry mum!
Juicy, big, full of flavour steak is always ok with me!
We finished our feast with desserts. 
Chaophraya's Chocolate Bombe is a great way to bring a bit of a theatre into a restaurant by allowing your waiter to slowly pour hot caramel all over a chocolate ball. Watch it melt away to reveal a delicious surprise. Looks divine! 

White chocolate mousse with a butter shortbread base and raspberry coulis, truly glorious! 

Before we finished James took us for a tour to see the kitchen. What a perfect opportunity for us to express our gratitude for such a beautifully designed and prepared meals!    
Hats off, food is heavenly! 
Cheeky snap by James! 
And here we have our lovely James, who took the time to show us around even though the restaurant was extremely busy.
He even shared a secret with interior obsessed me, where they get their decorations from. If you look closely when you are there, have a look around for tags which give you a little bit of an insight in to the piece. Although I am not going to be in Thailand anytime soon, I can have a taste of it whenever I want now in Aberdeen.
You will find Chaophraya at: 1 Union Terrace, Aberdeen AB10 1NJ 
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*Disclaimer: I was invited to the press launch, where I had an opportunity to taste dishes – opinions are, as always, my own. I do not profit from any affiliate links included in this post. 

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  1. Woooow!!! Very posh! I will enjoy go there on 01.09. with my daughter :D

  2. Wow, how fancy =]


  3. That's so cool that you got given a tour of the kitchen. I love Thai food so much, thinking of which I haven't had it in a while! The desserts looked delicious too! :)

    Sally - DiagonSally

    1. Hey, so happy to see you back Sally! You should go for Thai then! Or visit Aberdeen and go to Chaophraya with me ;) x

  4. Sounds like you've had an amazing night! Everything looks gorgeous - from food to interior design, now I'm craving some Thai food for lunch! :)


    1. It was fantastic! Definitely new spot in Aberdeen to check out!

  5. Loveee chaophraya!! Never knew about the tags on the furnishings...I'm going to be on the look out next time I go!
    Lauren xx
    Elle Bloggs

    1. I did not noticed them till they were pointed out by a staff member. Chaophraya has delicious desserts! Iga x