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At the end of August I had the chance to be invited to a romantic get away at The Taynuilt Hotel located in Taynuilt village, which is only 20 minutes drive from the scenic Oban. As you can guess my travel addiction just waited to be fed with the possibility of exploring new places. Especially that I had heard about how beautiful Oban is. You can see photos on my Instagram and Twitter. Before I start telling you about my stay in Taynuilt Hotel I just cannot wait any longer to show you how incredible Scotland is!
I do not think the United Kingdom will ever stop surprising me with its diversity. There is nothing better than having such unbelievable views at your doorstep! I can easily imagine myself sitting in a conservatory with a hot tea in my hand and watching the clear waters every morning. Perfect and peaceful start to the new day. 
I would not have been myself if I had not stopped for a few photos on the way. Especially when the weather looked so picture perfect. It must have been one of the sunniest days in Scotland this summer. I felt so lucky to be off work and on my way to discover yet another charming Scottish places.
Summer vibes all the way! One of these moments when you feel that nothing could make it more idyllic, and that you are in the right place at the right time.  Breathtaking scenery, spell of sunshine, and warm breeze playing with my hair. I need no more to feel happy.  

You have no idea how lucky I was when I stopped to have a break by the loch. I managed to spot a bird driving into the water and catch a fish in the middle of the loch. I believe it was an Osprey but I am not an expert; if you are and you know what kind of bird it might have been please let me know!
At the time I did not have the best lens attached to my camera for capturing the moment, but here is the best close up from the photo I took. Excuse the quality, I never thought I will be able to capture such an event.
Whereas my lens is not great at capturing birds hundreds of meters away, it excels at details. I am obsessed with cute bows and ribbons. I have to say, I only started to notice how little details make a difference a few years ago. I always struggled to achieve casual yet stylish looks, especially while traveling. These little touches e.g. cute bowl, fabric texture, or pattern, add so much more femininity to my daily travel outfits. After my face was kissed by the sun it was time to make a move and finally go straight to Taynuilt.  

With excitement I discovered that David, the general manager at Taynuilt Hotel, had booked us into the Loch Etive Suite with a private patio. For someone who loves the outdoors and does not have a garden at home this is a big deal. The patio came with the second surprise of the day, the first one being a surprising nature lesson from the Osprey catching fish of course. 
Basket full of goodies! I could not help myself and before dinner at the restaurant I managed to have tea, coffee, and hot chocolate on the patio. Yes, I know, I am a little piglet and I have zero limits. I was enjoying my coffee outdoors after a quick photo shot. I was so into staging the accessories that I was oblivious to what was happening around me or who might be watching me. 
Before I knew it I had a little furry guest wanting my undivided attention. What could I do? I dropped everything and made sure the cat princess was satisfied with cuddles. I have a soft spot for cuties. I am not denying it, the little child within me sprung to life and I was tempted to take the cutie cat back to my sea themed room and stay there playing together, if not forever at least for the duration of my stay. 

My day dreaming went a step further. I had already pictured myself, with eyes of my imagination, meeting the cat's owner who could upon seeing our immediate connection asked me to take care for her. Another happy day dream involved this black beauty just appearing on my door step so we could live together happily ever after.     

Sea theme is actually one of the themes I considered for my own living room. Marine themed details, deep blue, and white worked seamlessly together creating a very unique, clean space. Double bed was one of the cosiest I had slept in for a long time. Huge TV in front of the bed was perfect to watch a movies on DVD and enjoy chilled water. 
Before my dinner I nipped in to David's shop where he sells various unique alcohols. I do not know much about whiskey but exploring the shop with David was quite interesting. He was throwing facts and information which were really interesting and taught me more about it.   
Bowmore distillery, one of the oldest in Scotland, is also the first recorded distillery on Islay. One of the recommended ways to start your whiskey tasting journey is trying a whiskey flight. This is where you sample three different whiskeys that are matched to your taste. They can either be from different produces of different vintages, or from the same distillery tasting three of their vintage years.  
Did you ever have an unexpected guest? Are you tempted to try whiskey tasting? I am!

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*Disclaimer: I was invited to review Taynuilt Hotel – opinions are, as always, my own. I do not profit from any affiliate links included in this post. 

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  1. What a wonderful place! I love your photos :)

  2. Beautiful place ! And the guest is cute. Little princess! I Love cats so much 😍😍😍

    1. It is a great place to visit in Scotland for sure! And cat was such a great, cute surprise.

  3. Ps : It's me plumedaure ❤️😚

  4. There's so many wonderful places in Scotland that i have not seem yet!

    1. You should visit Nital! Let's do bloggers' sleepover somewhere in the Highlands. Sounds amazing, doesn't it? x