Things I Buy Less or Not at All

Minimalism in practice is nothing else but the sum of daily decisions, which affect the space around. Before buying things I ask myself questions, which you can read more about here. Since I started controlling my shopping more what am I actually buying less?


My guilty pleasure, which would lay around the flat for ages gathering dust and taking precious space. Now I only buy magazines if I travel, want to read an article desperately, or if there is a sample I want to try.


I used to have a membership card for over two and a half years. First year I would go regularly so having a card made sense. However lately I just prefer to spend time outdoors. I might want to go to a cinema once in a while but this does not justify monthly payments. At the end of the day membership cards suppose to save money not increase the cost of a ticket, which would be the case with me.   


I have to say this is one of the hardest things for me as I love the smell of books, how they present themselves on the shelves... Although paper books will always be my favourite way of reading I decided to buy a Kindle to store most of them digitally and save space. I still have one shelf full of selected books, and slowly I am getting rid of the one I do not really want. 

Shower Gels 

Strawberry, Mango, Watermelon, Mint and Lemon Grass, you name it and I could pick the one you want from my bathroom. I finally used the extraordinary amount of shower gels and currently have one. I decided not to buy another one just because it smells nice as simply I really only use one shower gel at a time. 


Similarly as with shower gels. I still heave a huge bottle of Bed Head shampoo I bought in 2014! 

Home Decorations

I am crazy about beautiful interior designs. I would buy here and there bits and bobs I liked hence my flat lacked consistency and at the end everything clashed creating a visual chaos. Although I still buy home decorations they are selected carefully and have to work with the general design. I do not buy anymore odd vase, flower pot, or pillow just because I like it. Nowadays I have to like it and it have to work well with the rest. 

Food Products 

I do not buy products or spices I use only once for specific recipe. Banana vinegar sounds nice and probably adds unique flavour to the dish but being realistic... How long will it take me to use it if I only intend to make this dish once, maybe twice a year?  


As with books, only digital versions and this is very rarely. 

Cleaning Products

I like to clean and I like to clean with the newest, freshly smelling products. I like to have product for bathroom, toilet, sink, mirror and of course different one to the floor too! If there is a product I haven't try a few years ago I would make sure to buy it and stock it for the future. I stopped that.

Printing Out

As you know I like to write down things 'to do', and have planners, and calendars. I also enjoyed printing out my favourite articles and storing them in alphabetical order in a binder. Of course I would never read them again. What a surprise! I just stopped wasting paper.  

Bottled Water

I do not drink tap water but I also do not like to generate amount of plastic and waste at home. One of the solutions was buying Brita, the model I have is called Elemaris Meter XL.


Something I would always bring back from my trips and carefully place it in my postcard album. However my photography skills improved and now I just prefer to have a digital form as a memory. I still send postcards from each location to my family but I do not buy any as a souvenir for myself. 


I talk about my little addiction in article about things preventing smart savings here. I still have too many pens, pencils and notebooks so now I am slowly using them up. More than just a few found 
new home.  

Make Up 

When and only when something such as mascara finishes I go to look for a new product. It helps to control chaos, know what is where, and how long can I use it for. So much easier to remember expiry dates! I do not have to think any longer which product I opened first and if it is time to get rid off it.


I love big mugs and I cannot lie! Thankfully I stopped buying cute, quirky mugs which were one of the things I would buy rather often, too often! Now I have three huge mugs I spotted at Debenhams and I am not on a hunt for any more!


The same case as with mugs! They look good on photos but only take extra space. I do not really need 10 glasses for a household with no more than two people, do I? 

Kitchen Accessories 

Since I managed to find my own flat I discover beautiful corner of Tiki Maxx with home accessories. Turns out that despite the fact I am not a great chef, nor I really desire to be, I love to have various accessories. I must admit, some of them were bought purely for decorative purpose but no more! 

Coffee On The Go

Last winter I found one of the best ever travel thermal mugs from Contigo, which never leaked, which is an achievement as all of my old ones were! I cannot say that it never burned my tongue because it did! It keeps hot drinks hot for long, long time! Since I found my one I said goodbye to paper mugs.     


I travel a lot and I used to bring back a lot of items, which suppose to remind me of beautiful time during winter. As it always ends instead it was only giving me more dusting to do. The only exception I do for souvenirs are magnets. 


I love boxes. If I could describe perfect gift for me I would answer beautifully packed in a box I can reuse it. I have few wooden boxes for memories e.g. I have all of my old student cards. Other than that I do not buy them for decorative purposes or to hide mess in them, not anymore at least. Out of sight, out of mind? Now I am just remove things I do not feel work for me. 

   Are you buying less of anything than you were before?

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  1. I've been having a clear out lately, so much stuff! I have books everywhere too, I can't stop buying books.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

    1. Book addiction is a tough one! that's for sure Rosy! :)

  2. In terms of printing out, I have started printing my photos from instagram and my phone and I think it is so worthwhile! It is nice to have some to display in frames or scrapbooks x

    1. Hi Holly, I have to say that I was printing out anything and everything, which was very wasteful now when I look back at this. However I am not going to stop printing out memories. This time rather than 100 photos I will pick 5.

  3. Hello, another great post I loved reading! I have used to by postcard or souvenirs from my travels but stopped that many years ago and just have my photos. I do keep articles from magazines but do not print any out. The articles I find online, I PDF some and keep them in a digital folder. I buy less take-aways as I am really trying to watch my diet. I also buy less books as I have a Kindle. I keep a main section of no more than 10 books at any one time. I am finding I read less on the Kindle than a book, I do not get the same enjoyment but need to train my brain to get just accept it asI do not want to hoard things. I started buying lots of make-up and skincare when I started blogging but am not buying a lots less, I just buy what I really need. I converted all the traditional photo albums from my childhood into phonebooks so they take up less space and do not store any physical photos - only ones in frames. I too brought random house accessories but do not buy anything now. I am working my through using my notebooks up - I have so many!

    1. Hi Nital, thank you for you comments! I have to say that I do struggle sometimes with reading electronic versions (Kindles). I am not sure if Kindle will ever fully be enough for me. Most of novels I tend to but online as Kindles. However when it comes to travel guides, books about photography, any literature that requires images to fully understand it and appreciate it, I still buy a printed copy. I am very selective and slowly letting go of all of the books.

      I used to buy a lot of make up as a teenager but now I am very strict and selective about it! I have to say that suits my lifestyle very well! I would rather spend more on one good thing than buy three of a poor quality. I am not even going to start to talk about notebooks, I have a few too many! Iga x

  4. oooh also I buy less cards. I love sending card but now I am very selective who I send them to and am joining a pen pal site so it can be a two way street as love receiving them too.

    1. Me too! I used to collect postcards but got rid of them in May.

  5. So with you on the need to have less stuff around me. I used to be the exact same with printing out 'useful' articles and then never reading them. When I left my work I had a drawer full of things to read which I obviously never did. Now I try to read things online when I find them or bookmarked the page for later.

    Love how your getting into minimalism

    1. I am trying to be way more minimalistic and organised in my digital life too! I got rid off so many bookmarks, which realistically I would never open again!

  6. I have been watching minimalist Youtube videos this morning and now I've read your post on buying less. I feel like doing a big Spring clean! I know this post is not exactly about cleaning, but prevention rather, but comes to the same end. Thank you for a good post.

    1. Thank you for taking time to read it! I feel that Autumn Big Clean is totally justified! I actually get rid of most of my stuff before Christmas rather than spring. Long evenings are just perfect for a bit of a tidy up!

  7. I've been trying to buy less overall this year, because I've decided that now I'm in my twenties I really need to start saving, or at-least have a rainy day fund haha x //

    1. Hi Rebecca, what did you cut off from your budget? x