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A few weeks back I printed out one of many available templates online about decluttering the space around me. I followed every suggested step yet still at the end of every challenge I felt that it was not quite sufficient for me. Yes, my desktop looked cleaner but I still receive irrelevant twit notifications, missed important posts or Instagram photos from bloggers I know, want to visit, and interact with.

When I started being active on social media, Twitter and Instagram, I almost always automatically followed people back on Twitter and Instagram when they started to follow me. Our relationship was not even simply a shallow on, it was just nonexistent. I would have people on my following list that stopped being active or posted an incredible amounts of unrelated content to try and receive retwits. In this chaos I found it really difficult to connect with people who are valuable and who bring something I find interesting. I understood that whatever I was doing, it did not work for me.

I decided to stop being just another number and instead start creating real interactions. It was a risky decision and I knew I would lose plenty of followers who were following me simply for the fact that I am an extra number following them.

I am not going to say that this was the best way to declutter your digital blogging life but this is definitely the most successful way I have decluttered mine. Quite frankly it is a very brutal way and not everyone will agree with it.
Did I lost followers on Bloglovin?

Yes I did, quite a lot in fact but my website could not have be useful for them if all I was to them just a number. As I said before I am not interested in generating a false number of followers for someone. 

How did I decluttered my Bloglovin?

Brutal Cut

I followed around 700 blogs at the beginning of the year. I unfollowed every single blog from my Bloglovin list. It was way too many blogs to go through and decide if I want to remain as a follower or not.

Create Theme/Location Specific Groups

Before I started to refollow people I created various groups where each newly followed blog would go to. My groups were lifestyle, travel, career, UK Bloggers, Scotland Bloggers, Wedding, Home Design, Fitness, DIY, and Cooking. 
Do I know you?

Then I started following people based on only one criteria at a time. Simple question, who’s blog do I remember visiting? This is a huge indicator. Just think for a second how useful something must be if you cannot really remember it? Patiently I would add each of the bloggers I remembered to one of the groups.

Relationships Initiators

After I had done the first part of decluttering on Bloglovin I asked myself who else is following me and often do they interact with me by both visiting and speaking to me on social media or commenting on my website? Who is trying to create a real conversation with me? They are exactly the people I want to know more about because they took the time and effort to learn more about me. Slowly day by day I was adding bloggers who I found inspiring, who I like to talk with, and who are not connecting with me because they are one person away from 1000 followers.

What were the results?

Firstly I am able to clearly see now who posted a new post and I am able to keep up with them. Even if I do not always comment, which I am trying my best to do, I do read every single post published by 142 people I follow on Bloglovin. This not only gave me so much more opportunities to spark a conversation with them but to take it to a more personal level via emails or private messages. 

Another thing is that even though I did lost followers I gained so much more insight to who actually follows me for the quality of my articles. How many people actually do care and want to know what I have to say? It did not at all affected how many readers I had on my website. At the end of the day I was just a number so I did not expected to be visited. 

What do you think of Bloglovin? Is it a tool you use to visit your favourite bloggers?

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  1. I'm glad to hear we feel the same way about decluttering our digital world, I've been doing pretty much the same things as you with Bloglovin and creating a few different groups for the blogs I love has helped me a lot to stay on track with all the new materials. But Instagram is totally driving me insane, I hate how so many people tend to follow me on a daily basis and then unfollow the very next day...absolutely nothing is real about it anymore and that makes me so sad because it used to be my favourite social network. I've never had thousands and thousands of followers and I'm perfectly ok with it, I prefer to have a proper relationship with my readers instead of just doing all of this for some imaginary numbers.

    xx, Matea

    1. Hello Matea, Instagram changed a lot in past few months not mentioning years. It drives me crazy that I cannot see images chronologically. I am not sure if all changes are for the best. For me many accounts lost its value due to follow/unfollow marketing game they do. Btw it is a very poor marketing that puts people off. I am not interested in being a number. It is so easy to buy followers nowadays that I absolutely would recommend doing that rather than playing follow/unfollow. At least you will stop annoying anyone around you. At the end of the day bought follower or not it does not really matter if there is no real relationship. Value of such a connection is minimal if at all. Brands are not stupid they see the level of activity and comments.

  2. Yes I did this with Twitter, bloglovin is next. Some blogs I'll keep bookmarked in my browser and I'll check in when I'm looking for something in particular and the rest needs to go, there's only so much you can handle. The last two weeks I was almost in a state of anxiety about not being able to keep up with all the posts etc. I think I just need to really get it in my brain that IT'S OKAY NOT TO KNOW AND READ EVERYTHING.
    Great post will go and declutter asap. xx

    1. That is really not good if blogosphere is giving you a feeling of being anxious. I am sure that nothing will happen if you will miss a post or two from someone. As long as you are engaging with them and create meaningful content e.g. like your comments to me everyone will be more than happy to interact with you! x

  3. This sounds like something I need to do, I'm entirely overwhelmed with all the notifications and like you I'm thinking it's time to clean it all down and focus on the people I want to engage with. Good thinking bat girl. I've already started to cull my youtube subscriptions, gradually working my way round.

    Honestly Aine

    1. I was doing the same with Twitter & Instagram. I will post separate texts about that as all together it would be over 2000 words! A tad too much for one article! It is really hard to decide who you want to engage with but the problem is really easily solvable. It takes a bit of time to see who engages with you and then decision is so much easier to make!

  4. Sounds like something we should all do, organising the blogs we follow helps visually and is easier to keep up with everyone. Great tips!


    1. Thank you so much Carina! At some point it was all just too overwhelming trying to keep up with people who really did not want to interact or simply replay to any comments. It felt pointless to give my time to that. Iga x

  5. I try and have a declutter every few months on Bloglovin and Twitter. I am in the process as we speak. If I lose followers, so be it. I am here for fun and for my personal enjoyment so if that means a lower number then quite simply "meh". I love a good declutter. The same applies to Facebook too.

    Tea in the Tub

    1. My experience showed me that there will be always a few people that follow simply for follow. I am not interested in that kind of relationship so hey, so be it. x

  6. I 100% need to do this! Great post - it definitely sounds intimidating at first haha
    Kathy x

    1. It was! But now I really can see what content I want to read, what to comment etc.