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Delicious Times at Taynuilt Hotel, Scotland

This post combines two of my favourite things: fine dining and interesting interior design. After a lovely afternoon sitting on the patio in our room relaxing after a long day’s drive, read about my unexpected guest at The Taynuilt Hotel sea themed room, my fiancé and I went downstairs for our exciting fine dining experience.

How many times have you not gone to a restaurant, which offers fine dining because you were worried you would feel uncomfortable, judged, based on how you look, and out of place? Fine dining can be a formal event and for first timers it can be a bit intimidating, especially when flowers appear on your main course and you are not sure if you should eat them or if they are there purely for decorative purposes.

Let me share with you a secret that is well worth a visit, the Taynuilt Hotel and its Snug Restaurant, which currently holds 2 AA Rosettes and are trying for a third. It is the perfect place to start your fine dining experience, where you will not be judged, nor be put off by this fantastic experience. David, the general manager, makes you feel welcome and is happy to share his knowledge about the food with you and answer any question you might have.

Interior design incorporates original features of the old coaching inn and creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere with Scottish accents and features.

Before I knew we had been welcomed by David, who is also a whisky and wine lover, and our wine glasses were filled with the delicious house rose in no time and it was time to take our seats.

When I am going to a place which offers fine dinning I am expect a bit of magic, theatre, something that attracts my attention. Taynuilt Hotel received its second AA Rosettes in 2016 and it was for a very good reason. Aperitifs were exactly what I believe fine dining should be all about. A show of dry ice that gave a very magical 'Alice in Wonderland' look as the cloud descended upon a bed of moss within a delightful rustic wooden tray. It did its magic and left us waiting for more goodness on a plate!

Starter was an easy choice for me! Naturally I went for hand dived Isle of Mull Scallops with Simon Howie black pudding, cauliflower puree & truffle oil, it was spot on! Sweet scallops beautifully working with spicy black pudding.

My date decided to go for a duck liver parfait with Cointreau jelly served with toasted sourdough and garden salad. Delicious!

Ballimore Farm Hebridean Lamb with Petit Pois a la franchise and home smoked pancetta was one of the specials of the day. Flavorsome, juicy lamb was scrumptious! Roasted new potatoes, suggested by David, worked exceptionally well with both dishes. I am a big potato eater however my date is not so keen on potatoes so they must have been purely delicious as there were none left at the end!    

Saddle of Perthshire Roe Deer tickled my date’s taste buds. How did I know? Well, let’s just say that sharing was not an option.

There is now way I could forget about the desserts! When I was younger I tried to like Crème Brulée in a poor attempt to feel more French and sophisticated, but I just did not like them no matter how hard I tried. I can truthfully say that this was the first Crème Brulée I have enjoyed. Definitely a dessert worth having multiple times at the Taynuilt Hotel!

I finished dinner on a very light, terrific, and fruity note with Strawberry Soufflé.

After mouthwatering dessert we had two choices: stay and enjoy some more wine, or go for an evening wander around the picturesque village. Wine is good but beautiful scenery is even better!

As the wine is so tempting, upon returning from our lovely walk we continued our chat in the charming and cosy bar.

Remembering all of the delicious moments I had makes me want to pack my bag, jump into a car, and drive straight back to the Snug Restaurant at Taynuilt Hotel. I could easily imagine having an exclusive event there during the upcoming winter. Sitting next to a wood burning stove with mulled wine in my hand and with friends and family would be incredibly romantic and intimate.



Amuse - Cauliflower Veloute topped with truffle oil
Homemade Hebridean sea salt oatcake smoked salmon with garlic and lemon mayo


Hand Dived Isle of Mull Scallops
with Simon Howie black pudding, cauliflower puree & truffle oil

Duck Liver Parfait with Cointreau Jelly
served with toasted sourdough & garden salad

Main Courses

Saddle of Perthshire Roe Deer
served with a smoked butternut squash puree, baby turnips, tender stem broccoli & Jus

Ballimore Farm Hebridean Lamb with Petit Pois a la franchise & home smoked pancetta

Side Order

Roast New Potatoes


Taynuilt Hotel Strawberry Souffle
served with creme anglaise & homemade milk ice cream

White Chocolate & Vanilla Crème Brulée
with chocolate soil, chocolate rocks, popping candy, honeycomb and served with peat smoked sea salted ice cream

Where is your favourite fine dining restaurant or are you more into casual restaurants? 

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*Disclaimer: I was invited to review Taynuilt Hotel – opinions are, as always, my own. I do not profit from any affiliate links included in this post. 

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  1. Ah, I've already admired some of this on your insta! In my opinion every dish that has flowers sprinkled on top is a winner!

    1. It was delicious! I would definitely have scallops again. The black pudding combined with sweet scallops worked extremely well. Plus of course beautiful presentation with attention to details made everything Insta perfect.

  2. Food looks so delicious and I'm in love with the rustic interior! Sounds like a really great place! xx

    1. Taynuilt Hotel has big plans for the interior design. I would love to return and check it out sometime next year. I am sure it is a perfect place for a bloggers' cosy winter event.

  3. What a lovely place!!
    Kathy x

    1. You should visit when you have free weekend! :) x