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Save Money as Student in UK

Being a student taught me how to stretch my budget to the maximum. Thankfully I found out that the United Kingdom is very student friendly and with a little bit of effort students can save hundreds of pounds. Here are a few practical tips and trick!

NUS Card 

One of the biggest money savers for me! I like to eat out especially when I can save up to 40% in chains such as Pizza Express, Zizzi, and Ask Italian. The best thing is that whoever you are going with does not have to be a student. NUS Card covers your company too. It also used to give me 5% off any purchase on Amazon and 10% off from my groceries in the Cooperative. Buy a three years NUS card for the best value!   

Amazon Student Membership 

First six months are for free. What do you get? One Day Delivery, unlimited streaming of videos, TV shows, and music. 

Amazon Warehouse Deals

I am afraid to think how much I spend on them!

Uni Accommodation... not always the cheapest option! Have a good look and try to find alternatives. If you live only with students you do not have to pay Council Tax.   

Gumtree/Facebook Buy Sell Groups

Get on board with the idea of bartering and having notifications on. Especially if you want to buy cheap furniture. I noticed that very often furniture bought from people is way cheaper than the one in charity shops. Quite often if you ask nicely people will also deliver for free! It is nice to be nice! So when you will be in the position to help, return the favour. Once someone delivered my boxes full of personal items from Glasgow to Aberdeen for free. It made my day!  

Own Label Food

When you are in the shop look at the shelves above and below your eye level. That's where real savings are hidden. Unless you really are a food connoisseur visit your local Aldi and Lidl. If it is your first time managing your budget you will be surprised how much you can get for £20. 

Best Before

Best Before dates indicate the time when food starts to looses its quality such as texture and taste, not when it starts to be poisonous. You can slash down your bills with Approved Food. I would suggest buying food products close to the best before date such as cereals, energy bars etc. rather than meat, sausages, or dairy. To take advantage of the best before deals read how to check if food is still fine to eat. If you are hungry in the evening and do not mind eating pretzels or cinnamon bun are on the dryer side head to your local grocery shop. Most of the bakery products will be discounted after 6pm.   

Home Made Food

Going out for food is fun! But it is not the cheapest option even with a NUS card. Making your own lunch the day before is the best option and saves you money!

Travel Mug

It is really a money saver, especially when you live in Scotland and are permanently cold from September to May! I cannot imagine windy, rainy winters without my travel mug. You can also ask at your University if they sell boiling water yes I know how this sounds. If you drink as much as I do the best option is to take your own tea and just buy water.  

Student Bus Pass

I studied in Aberdeen and believe me bus tickets cost a fluctuate here faster than my waist line after dinner at my grandmas. If you are at University more often than 2 days a week consider getting a student ticket. 


Ask your GP or Sexual Health Centre near you. In Aberdeen you can pick them up in one of the many health points. You can also get tested for HIV and STDs for free in Scotland.

Loyalty Points

Gather points with loyalty cards offered by Boots Advantage Card, Super Drug, Nectar Card, and Tesco Clubcard. 


If you sign up for loyalty cards the chances are that at some point you will receive vouchers that allows you to get discounts are high. Be smart and use them! I tripled my Boots points in a day with a simple toothpaste purchase.

Student Discount

When you are paying ask if they offer student discount, have a valid student ID with you. You can get 10% in New Look, 25% if you join Yo Sushi Love Club, for Apple products in Apple stores, always check! If they say no, so what? Think about how much you can save if they say yes.  

Tax Refund

Were you a busy bee working? Check if you are not being overcharged. You can apply for tax refund if you did not earn more than a certain amount. In 2016/17 you should not pay tax if you earned less than £11,000. 

A penny saved is a penny made! How did you save monies as a student?

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  1. Great tips, Iga! I didn't know that Amazon did a student membership - what a bargain that is! The Facebook buy and sell groups are great too. I've managed to grab some great deals on them :)

    Amy |

    1. Thank you so much Amy! If you have a chance take advantage of Amazon Student Membership. I must say it did save me loads of money I would otherwise had to pay for delivery. Iga x

  2. Home made food always helps! My friends and I are helping each other so we always bring food and we sorta have a little picnic at uni haha
    Kathy x

    1. That is such a great idea! I and my friends never thought of doing it, what a pity as the University I studied at has beautiful green spaces near the river. Iga x

  3. This is so interesting Iga! Even as a non-student, working full time - I'm always looking for ways to save where I can (& dining out with my friends who go to uni always helps save a couple pennies). Making homemade food is something I've started doing lately and I've noticed how much money I am saving. If you're looking for ideas, there is an instagram page I follow that does great cheap meals -

    Ellie x

    1. Thank you for sharing Ellie! I am going to have a look right now! What are your ways to save money? x