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My Not So Little Life's Pleasures

Earlier I talked about life’s small pleasures, where I wondered if small pleasures are really less insignificant in comparison to what society considers the great pleasures.

Over the course of a week I was writing down every simple life’s pleasure that has given me joy. Without prolonging it… 

What are my life's small pleasures? 

Reading comments and constructive feedback from you. Thank you for creating such a wonderful, active, curious and supportive travel and lifestyle community! 

Laying down on my birthday gift, an extremely soft, fluffy sheep skin that smells like Zakopane (my favourite place in the world!) in Poland. 

Using freshly washed bed sheets and towels for the first time after a wash. 

The process of creating a birthday card was not only pleasurable but also calming. If you follow me on Instagram you could see the first short videos as I was creating this one.   

Smelling mint.

Happiness the card gave to the card receiver, seeing it proudly placed in the most visible point of a room? Priceless! 

Walking barefoot on the spring grass or in the sea.

Licking all the batter left on the beaters. I was doing it as a child and I have no intention of stopping. Mum, do not worry! I poured boiling water over eggs first… Most of the time!

Finding a penny when I need it.

That moment when my jam sandwich falls down and yet somehow it does not land upside down! 

Ticking off things from my “To Do’ list. 

Coincidentally seeing a falling star! August is the best month to see them in central Europe.  

Having my favourite apple mint tea in the Zen Corner at Tchai Ovna in Glasgow.

Arranging flowers and looking at them time to time as I work on new post. For me flowers bring to life any space.  

Making kids laugh. 

Preparing a breakfast for two and eating it together whilst talking instead of having the TV on, on Sunday morning. Great change from separate breakfast eaten alone in hurry while TV is in the background. 

Finding charming independent bookstores such as the one on Otago Lane in Glasgow. 

Receiving free fragrance sample from shop assistants after mentioning I love the brand. 

When the sun is coming up and shines through slightly opened curtains straight on my face. 

Jumping straight into a warm bed during winter! Thanks mum for my electric blanket!

When I wake up and there is the first snow outside or snowflake falls straight on my nose.

Catching free wifi when I am outdoors! 

Finding a forgotten £10 in jacket that I wore for the last time in winter. 

That moment when I wore for the first time my extra fluffy slippers with sheep skin. They are the only one that keep my feet warm. 

Smell of new and old books. 

Being cuddled at night when I am cold. 

When I manage to paint my nails so they look like I have come straight from the nail salon. 

The smell of air and earth straight after a thunderstorm. 

Time spent on creating a scrapbook with travel memories. 

Seeing my mum blushing when I compliment her outfit or ask where did she buy something and buy exactly the same thing because I love it so much. 

Bubble bath. 

Taste of fresh herbs. I love basil!

Getting lost within literature so I do not know what is happening around me. 

What are yours life’s little pleasures? 

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  1. I love walking barefoot on the beach especially by the water with your toes in the sand!
    Kathy x

    1. Me too! One of my friends who is a doctor said that walking barefoot and trying to pick little rocks is a great exercise. I always have this on my mind trying to do a bit of 'exercising'. Iga x

  2. Great post lovely! I also love finding cute independent book shops and being cuddled at night.

    Ella xx

    1. Thank you so much Ella! There is nothing better than supporting local, independent businesses. Iga x

  3. Oh yes yes yes to pretty much every single little thing you mentioned in the post, reading it made me feel so good and thankful for all those tiny magical life situations! For the last couple of months I've actually been keeping a 'daily little things' diary and it's such a great and positive thing, I would totally recommend it to you too, I'm sure you'd love it! xx


    1. What a great thing! I was considering of having a 5 years journal and everyday writing one thing I am grateful for. It would be incredible to see in retrospective what makes me happy.

  4. Some of our little life pleasures are very similar...
    Bare feet in fresh grass..
    Basil smell...

    I'd add cinnamon and coffee smell

    Hot showers

    Cuddles with my love <3

    nice article darling <3

    Have a nice evening

    1. You are spot on with cinnamon and coffee smell! I love when the whole room smells of a cinnamon.

  5. What an excellent post. I just may steal this idea-- I'll quote you, not to worry. I think life's small pleasures are honestly what we should be living for. they are the things we remember most when all the loud things have faded away.
    some of my small pleasures
    smelling mint
    getting lost in my work at starbucks.
    the rush of humanity as I enter Manhattan from the subway.
    the smell of new books
    the smell of night when someone has lit their fireplace.

    1. I do not think I ever had a chance to sit in front of a fireplace, have wine and enjoy the evening. I have to change that!

  6. Hehe, I love this post and how positive it is. Lovee fragrance samples as well and finding money in my jeans pocket.

    1. I remember when one I found extra £10 in my winter jacket. I felt like I just won a lottery!