Orchid's Winter Menu, Aberdeen

Orchid is one of the places to watch out for in Aberdeen’s blossoming cocktail scene. I was invited to Orchid’s Winter Menu Preview so I decided to come down, say hello, and enjoy some of their delicious cocktails.
The event kick off at 6 sharply with an informal chat. I am always eager to catch up with fellow Aberdeen bloggers and hear what they have been up to since we last saw each other. Relaxed environments and easygoing events like the one at Orchid are perfect to do that. 
The interior is inspired by bartending tools and gadgets. Orchid is off the main street of Aberdeen, which is a nice change and a way to have fun but without the weekend madness that takes over Union Street.
We started the evening with a bit of gin tasting and a quick history talk. Three different gins that took us back in time showing how different distilling methods affect the final product. The first gin I tried was Jenever, also known as Genever, from Belgium and Netherlands. Berries and herbs were used to hide its harsh taste. I must be the only one that did not mind the taste of Jenever! 
The last gin representing modern times was Porter’s Gin that is produced in Aberdeen with the use of unconventional and traditional distillery methods. Porter’s Gin brings a tasty balance to the table.
The concept itself is very intriguing, each cocktail from the new menu represents a place in Aberdeen. Orchid encourages people to explore the Granite City and of course join the social media fun. 
Basically the idea is that when you buy a cocktail you will receive a small symbol. You take the symbol to the place that cocktail symbolises such as Aberdeen Beach, Duthie Park, and snap a picture. If you have them all there is going to be a treat waiting for you.
The dark, warm indoor lightening is perfect when you want to chill out after a busy week. However it is a royal pain when you are trying to take a decent photo to show how gorgeous the place and cocktails are. I am stubbornly trying not to use a flash as it can be overpowering.    
I was trying to catch one of the lights my friends used when they were taking a photo. It was perfect timing! I have never been so excited about taking a photo before!
Fun mixology classes were next for me! Myself, Julia, and Claire volunteered to try to prepare the only drink that is always on the menu in Orchid. I am not surprised that this one never changes as it’s delicious! 
I gave my best but I believe I will stick to marketing, photography, and copywriting. I have a feeling that I would not have a successful career as a barmaid. I never realised how tiring it is and I only shaked the shaker for 30s tops! 
Did I mention that my group created our own unique cocktails? It was a chance to win one of the limited edition Porter’s Gin bottles. We did not win but it’s only because our drink is so ahead of time or because we had not a clue what we are doing.Orchid’s staff are welcoming with a smile, candles and interior creates a great ambience. I think from now on Orchid is going to be one of the Saturday stops for my friends and me.
How do you like your cocktails?
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  1. Your photos are so beautiful it is hard to believe we were at the same event! It was lovely meeting you on Thursday <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    1. Thank you Claire! It was a pleasure to meet you!

  2. Beautiful pics Iga! I still think our cocktail was lovely, but I had had a few sips of other cocktails by that point (hic! ;-)x

    1. Thank you Steff! You were a great help with a light! ;) Iga x