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What is Your 5? Beauty & Fashion Event, Aberdeen


Do you have 5 items for this Autumn that are stylish and compliment the rest of your wardrobe? 5 Piece Wardrobe is a French concept that helps not only to declutter your wardrobes but also creates a fashionable and chic outfits. All it takes is 5 seasonal pieces of clothing to update your current look, stay dashing, and be ready for Autumn! 
Union Square invited me, and any one that wants to join as it is a free to all event, to take part and let their team of stylists and make up artists do their magic. 
You get professional advice for free, there is no awkward ‘So should I put behind the till for you’ at the end, and your choices are going straight to your email - modern shopping experience, that’s exactly how I like it.    
Gorgeous make up!
I considered signing myself up for a make up consultation to check what products suit my complexion and style but my Autumn wardrobe is currently rather questionable. Ok, questionable is a bit of a euphemism. I just cannot let go of my summer dresses without a fight. I guess the first frost as always will quickly convince me that it is time to finally let go of this striking white, boho style maxi dress and sandals, for another 6 months. Noooooo I am so not ready for Autumn!
Always happy to help.
After I arrived energetic Jo welcomed me and took me for a tour around the top picks that help to create my 5 piece wardrobe that match to my style; coats, ankle boots, knit, wide leg trousers, and skirts. One of the biggest advantages is that the selection included items from different price ranges including designers, high street fashion retailers, as well as outdoor items from Cotsworld Outdoor. There was something for an active outdoorsy person, a party animal, for someone who values simple, sophisticated, elegance, and other styles.      With just a quick look at me Jo knew straight away that I value items that connect to my current style and enhance it rather than changes it completely. I do not religiously follow trends and I prefer timeless pieces that are looking good now and will in two or three year’s time.
Let’s check what Jo suggested for me!

The Coat - My 5

Black Double Breasted Military Coat from Wallis is my must have! Simple, elegant for a morning walk to the office and to night out. 
However I also love the green beauty from Michael Kors.

The Knit - My 5

I could not help myself but touch cowl neck merino wool blend sweater from Michael Kors.

The Trousers - My 5

The Boots - My 5

Arys Wrap Strap Boots, 3.5” heel height, from MissSelfridge. I am currently waiting for size 3 to arrive! I decided to treat myself to a brown angle boots. They will look gorgeous with a skirt and a camel coat!

The Skirt - My 5

At the end of my appointment I received a quick email with my Top 5. I was really surprised how well all the pieces worked together in various combinations. Time to time I am guilty of picking item that I love in a shop, and want to wear but in no way works with the rest of my wardrobe. With the help of Jo I did not fall into this trap again. 

My 5

All selected items are available in Union Square. If you love a bargain download the Union Square Plus App for all their latest discounts, vouchers, rewards, gifts, and competitions. I have had the app for a few months and I have already saved on my shopping. From July to 31st December 2016 if you buy one burger you get another one for free with Union Square Plus App. Also you can win Biffy Clyro tickets until 30th October 2016.  

What would be your pick? Would you go with any of my top 5? 

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*I was asked to review Your 5 Event. Opinions are as always my own. 

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  1. Looks like an interesting event! I love the shoe display! :) x

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡

    1. It is really great way to get to know latest trends and what suits you.