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My mood is somewhere in between Summer and Autumn and so are my outfits. I cannot say Goodbye, and see you in six months to the warm winds playing with my hair, to my favourite white shorts, the sun kissing my face and leaving freckles, orange maxi dress, spontaneous BBQs and trips around Scotland. Since childhood I have had a soft spot for summer. What can I say? I am a Summer Girl!
Check out my favourite memories from Scotland from summer 2016! 
Graduation! I had a wonderful family time after the graduation in one of my favourite restaurants in Aberdeen Silver Darling. Food as always was exquisite and my family as always were laughing a bit too loud and chatting a bit too fast while enjoying food.
I am a dog person or at least I thought I was. This summer proved me wrong. I have to say shamelessly that for some unknown reasons cats were just in love with me. Wherever I went to Oban, Aberdeen, Glasgow, England, not mentioning Thailand! There was at least one cat waiting to steal my heart. How could I ever think that I am only a dog person? I just love them all!
 Of course I could not forget about the black cat beauty from Taynuilt. She was the cutest when she was trying to have all of my attention. If you want to hear my voice and actually see me here is a short video of me and her playing.
Fishing in Aberdeenshire was just so much fun I can not forget to mention it. Thank you Glen Tanar for having me! 
I dedicated the second half of my summer to improve my photography skills. I am still a work in progress but I am really happy with the simple Chanel elegance I managed to capture.
No filter needed! If you were ever wondering where are the most spectacular sunsets I can tell you a secret. Come over for a coffee, sit with me in my kitchen, and enjoy the view!
Is there anything better than siting in the sun with someone you like whilst sharing a mezze board? I can tell you right now that yes there is, having a whole mezze board for yourself! Iga you little piglet!
My birthday came so quickly, I do not know even when!  
Last hot chocolate with my girls, who have both moved out from United Kingdom! I am telling you that having international friends is so much more fun than you can imagine and so much more heartbreaking when they decide to move away. Er, I sound like unwanted lover.
The last day before Autumn started we celebrated another birthday! I must have been the luckiest girl in Scotland as each time I planned an activity outdoors I had dreamy weather!

What is your favourite summer memory?
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  1. What a heartwarming post full of lovely positive vibes!
    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. Thank you so much! What is your favourite memory?

  2. I love these photos! And your whole summer sounds pretty great :D
    Unfortunately, I spent it writing my final paper, so I spent a lot of time with my professor in his office >.< #worstsummerever

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

    1. Hi Honey, I think that's exactly how my summer 2017 will look like. I have a dissertation to submit so fingers crossed I can start quite soon to enjoy sunny days more.