Red Flags to Watch Out For, Find Ideal Wedding Venue Online

Let’s just imagine for a second that you have seen a perfect venue online. Location is gorgeous, photos from other couples that have already had their weddings are jaw dropping, your loved one also loves the venue, and you are ready to book right now! I have been in this position.

I contacted venues, asked if the date I am interested in is free, and not to waste my time I send questions I would ask or be able to notice during viewing. For me it sounded fair enough. Since I do everything online, I do not have a chance to experience the venue. I wanted to know as much as possible before I pay money that frankly would allow me to travel around Asia for a good few months.

What were the red flags I noticed with venues?

One Email Only Rule

I suggest sending only one email to any contractor, unless of course you are very desperate. I do not send reminders that I am waiting for response. If the venue did not replay I am taking my money elsewhere. I do not have time to chase up people who cannot be bothered to be professional. Can you imagine Coco Chanel/Bill Gates/Steve Jobs chasing up you to give you money? No, I cannot imagine this either. If that is how email communication goes I am dreading to think how the event would look like.

Not Answering Questions

Read what questions I asked here. I noticed that often venues just did not bother to replay to my questions and invited me to have a look at the place. As much as I love to travel I am organizing this wedding remotely. The answer is no, I am not going to take holidays just to see that you do not do what I am asking for. That cut a huge amount of venues from my list and I not looked back twice.     

Overly Complicated Contracts

I always read contracts. I also appreciate when they are straightforward. There is no need to over complicate simple things in life and when people do especially in financial deals I am cautious. Is there a reason they overcomplicating it?

Added Cost

I like only good surprises in life and an extra grand for broken glass is not one of them. Therefore if there are any hidden costs thinking twice about the venue is a sensible thing to do. Especially if they fail to mention extra cost till you ask.  

Unreliable Staff

This is a big No No for me. I scheduled a phone call with a venue that both my partner and I loved. It had a beautiful sea view and big outdoor space, where we intended to have our ceremony. We were ready to pay for it ASAP and book the date because this place is in high demand, and has been covered extensively in the press; I knew I should act quickly. Unfortunately for some reason without any explanation the phone never rang on the day of our appointment. Did I chase it up? Did I try to ask why? No because business is business and I do not have more time to waste on them.

Online Reviews

When I decided on a venue I like one thing did not let me stop thinking about it… A negative review from a bride to be. I usually would pass as the review was quite nasty but it was so contrasting to everything else had I read about the place I just could not it let go. I contacted the venue asking what the story behind the review. It turned out that this review was a malicious comment made by bride who wanted to move her wedding from a Wednesday to a Saturday and yet still only pay the original booking cost instead of the weekend premium, Cheeky!

Bad Vibes  

Sometimes you just get this vibe from people that working with them would not be the best of ideas. It can be the way they speak to you or the way they brush off your questions or not answering fully.

What would be a big No No for you? 

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