Where to Start Job Search?

While completing my undergraduate degree I was thinking how to kickstart my career and gain the necessary industry experience. I knew that doing just coursework and hoping for the best would not be the most successful approach if I am serious about my career. Theoretical knowledge is great but practical experience is equally important in my eyes. Boost your CV and differentiate yourself from other candidates!  

What worked for me and helped me to gain relevant business experience?

Online Job Search

This is the big one. I found most of my jobs, by most I mean 95%, online via websites e.g. JobRapido. One of the biggest advantages of a job search website is that you will see hundreds of jobs offers in one place. It is a big time saver especially when looking for jobs happens at the same time as coursework deadlines approach quicker than the Shanghai Transrapid.

An extra benefit is that you can tailor your search for your individual needs. Instead of looking through all of the available positions you tailor each of your searches and see the ones you are interested in rather than all of them.

Sign up for jobs alerts. You will keep up to date with position openings. I found my first ever internship in one of the email alerts I signed myself for. I was not even looking for anything at that time but it would be a waste not to take advantage of an opportunity that helps my future job applications to stand out.

Do not shy away from the useful articles that these websites offer. You can get useful, professional advice to improve your CV, interview skills etc.


For some considered a dirty word but networking does magic especially when you have no experience behind your belt. Start your job search from expressing interest in new opportunities. You might not find paid opportunities yet but at the beginning of your career any occasion that enhances your skills is worth considering.

Say it out loud on social media too. Spamming your friends with ‘Gimme job’ posts is not the best idea but there is nothing wrong in saying that you are looking for a ways to gain your experience.

It is quite useful to have a LinkedIn profile as some jobs require you to apply with your account. Connecting with companies, brands, like-minded people, and professionals just got easier.  

Recruitment Agencies

If you are looking for a temporary contract, for example during summer break, recruitment agencies might be a very useful resource. Quick Google search will show you the one nearby. They match candidates with relevant positions they currently have. They want to match the right person for the job and the right company for the person. 

Careers Fair

Check if your University organises recruitment fair where you can meet employers face to face, explore current opportunities, and network.

How did you find your job? 
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