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Contigo Travel Mug Black Guess Bag
It’s no secret that as a MSc student I travel between home-University-work in any combination quite a lot and I have to carry a few things on the way. It helps me to optimise my time and improve my organisation. Additionally, because I am refusing to pay around £3 for my hot drink on a daily basis as I know better ways to spend my money. Plus I am Little Miss Grumpy when I am hungry, and I like to know that I will have food when I want it and what I want.

MacBook Air

Quite often I have my MacBook with me so I can continue working on projects at any time, for example during coffee breaks. I bought it during my second or third year as an undergraduate student. The MacBook weight was and still is a big advantage. This finally convinced me that the price is justified. Of course in combination with a student discount and just after the launch of a newer model. Anyway I needed a new laptop as I had a little ‘accident’ that involved my then four months old laptop and a glass of water. You can imagine that I do not drink anything anywhere near my hardware anymore and that I am definitely not leaving glasses of water on my open laptops on a bed.

Food Box

I am currently looking for a new box that will help me to safely transport soups. The one from Sistema did not pass the test. Share your ideas in comments! I am desperate to find one before winter begins. 

Contigo Travel Mug

I wish I bought it earlier. I used to have a leaking travel mug from Tiki Maxx, which obviously damaged a few of notebooks and made my bag smell of mint tea. Moreover the temperature of my drink was decreasing so rapidly that 30 minutes on a bus was too long to enjoy hot tea. I bought a Contigo Autoseal West Loop after careful research around the same time I bought my MacBook. Better safe than sorry! Well a couple of years forward and have I had zero accidents! Not including times when I burned my tongue. There are a few very small chips but this is to be expected with daily use.

I pour boiling water inside before closing and my drinks are hot for a long time. The only disadvantage I could point out would be that cleaning out the lid is quite inconvenient so I try to stick to teas rather than hot chocolates and coffees.


In previous years I used to note everything on my laptop but it is a tricky game. There is so many distractions just a click away that now I am sticking to old, good, old school paper notepad.

Ted Baker Wallet

I also carry with me a pink wallet from Ted Baker that I found last year on sale in John Lewis - my guilty pleasure. It is one of the things that I paid a bit more than I wanted to but I think it is important to have something that is aesthetically pleasing, especially if I am using it daily. Pink is not my favourite colour but seems that most of the things in my bag are somehow pinkish.

Hand Sanitizer

It is fairy new addition to my bag after a horrific cold that lasted forever but much needed. Germ fighter!

Hand Cream

Scottish winters and winds in Aberdeen take no prisoners! Traveling a lot during the day my hands need something to help them recover after jumping from hot to cold.

Tissues & Feminine Hygiene Products

I am that friend that is a ‘go to’ in case of an emergency.

 What is in your bag?

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  1. Love this blog post !!! :) I always bring my whole house with me in my bag ! Haha. The survival kit for a whole day as a girl (and a blogger).
    Enjoy your sunday sweetie !

    Plume d'Auré

    1. I would love to have a peak in your bag! I bet you have some pretty and cute accessories with you. Iga x