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Wild Black Friday Bonanza

The Black Friday countdown is officially over! I had the pleasure to be invited to The Body Shop event in Aberdeen. I and other bloggers could go wild and take as many photos as we wanted without feeling out of place. Follow me on Instagram to have a peak at what I am up to! Stories are slowly starting to be a part of my day.

Finding good Black Friday deal sometimes can feel like finding the Holy Grail. Christmas shopping can stretch anyone's budget so wallet friendly deals are much appreciated. Especially now that I also have my MSc to pay for!
The Body Shop team are always so friendly and happy to help. It is one of the shops that I can go and ask any and as many questions as I want. Last time when I went to The Body Shop they were kind enough to give a few samples of their newest products for me and my sister. She was not even there! How lovely of them! I am a great big sister.
 A massive Thank You goes to Sarah and The Body Shop team for organising everything. It was a pleasure to be invited, have a chance to speak with other bloggers I already knew, and meet new faces. Do not be shy and text me if you want to grab a coffee. I am sure we can find time.
 I have to say that shopping, chatting with friends while munching sweeties is great! I could do it more often! I have a feeling that I would stay a bit longer in each shop, and buy a bit more if food was part of an experience.  
 The Body Shop has many affordable stocking fillers and with 40% off they are even more affordable.
 I usually only have a small advent calendars with chocolate. I did not plan to buy any this year but 40% off was too tempting! Especially when almost everyone was saying how amazing their skin feels and looks after use of the facial oil, which normally costs £28.
 I was convinced and decided to treat myself to a Body Shop advent calendar. In the meantime I found  products that charmed me with their smell.
 British Rose - Incredible, subtle fragrance. I cannot wait to start opening boxes from my advent calendar as I will find there at least two rose products.
 Lately I am obsessed with strong citrusy smells. Pink Grapefruit is very refreshing!
I would say: Perfect smell to wake me up before I hit the gym, which I recently do insanely early in the morning.
 My dreams will not come true to purchase the Bath Tea as I simply do not have a bath. Girl can dream about long, warm, aromatic bath with a glass of fresh orange juice and Grey's Anatomy in the background.

What was the best deal you have found during Black Friday? 
Share your finds!
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  1. How fun! I love saving money. I just shopped online. I got a cheap TV.

    1. Sweet! I cannot wait to start opening my Advent Calendar. Have a fab day, Iga x

  2. There were so many good sales on black friday! I went to American Eagle and everything was 40% off! So awesome! xx


    1. The best! I absolutely love sales. You can get so many bargains if you know where and when to look for things. I remember being in San Francisco during summer 2015. I noticed a navy jacket from Abercrombie & Fitch, gorgeous! Full price was way to much for my student budget but without even expecting it I went just once more to 'think about it'. Surprisingly it was during 40% sale! You can guess what happened next. Iga x

  3. I went to the Body Shop blogger event in Gateshead the other week, they put on the best events don't they? I didn't actually get anything on black Friday since payday wasn't until this week, unfortunately! x


    1. They do! I cannot believe it that it's 2nd of December already and I still did not open my advent calendar. Iga x