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On average you spend 33 percent of your life in bed, which is approximately 8 hours a day. Sleep is a time for the body to recover from daily fatigue; I bet we all know that. I have known for years but did this make me stop and think just for a moment ‘Hey, wait a second why do I sleep on a mattress that makes my back ache and hips hurt?’ I can admit it did not. 
When I bought my mattress I simply bought it because it was the right size for my day bed, which also happens to be my night bed. I did not go to check it out to see if I would like it, or even read about it before hand. Is it a mattress? Yes, then it will do then. Now I know how silly I was. It takes me longer to pick a pair of socks than it did to pick a mattress.

I live in a cosy apartment, by cosy I mean tiny studio flat, so simply my bed has to act as a sofa during the day and a comfortable bed at night. As you can imagine day beds do not come with the best mattresses. When I was asked to give Leesa’s matrasses a go, you can imagine that the only possible answer I could give was a huge YES PLEASE.    

Picking a mattress with Leesa is very simple all you have to do is just pick the right size, here and in a few days you will be able to enjoy your new mattresses and regain the perfect night’s sleep you have been hoping for.
Guess what I did? I have to admit, embarrassed, but I have to be honest with you… I had one and only one job to do. Check the size of my current mattresses, which I did and order a new suitable one. 

What did I do? I checked two times the size of my current mattress, two times size of a mattress I need, measure twice cut once… And I ordered the wrong size. When I checked the size of original mattresses I have I had not noticed that there is a drop down menu so I just assumed that the first size that appeared is the size I have. Yes, if you thinking that I am an idiot I can confirm that so did my partner, which he kindly did not share with me at this point in time. 
I ordered an EU Single (90cm x 200 cm x 25 cm), which is great for length but it is 10 cm too wide. However I know how to sort this problem out and will share later.

I was slightly surprised with the size of boxes the mattresses came in. I expected them to be bigger. It started to be quite dark outside so please excuse the poor lightning, I really need to invest in lamps and soft boxes. 
Vacuumed packed mattresses regained their shape within 30 – 60 seconds. Leesa suggests leaving them for a day for a full recovery but they are usable after an hour.

When I am excited, I am not the most patient person. Yes the vision of a night of comfortable sleep without feeling every single bit of wood did excite me, easily pleased that’s who I am. I put them on my bed straight away, discovered that they were too wide, which still did not stop me, and fell asleep.

What do I think?

From the first night of using the mattresses my sleep quality improved considerably and it is really hard not to be excessive in my praise here. I love everything about them. Leesa’s mattresses are well made, are comfortable and support every sleeping position; mine is side sleeping. Now I have the mattresses I love and a bed…that is too small.

Three foam layers (core support, contouring foam, cooling foam bye bye sweaty nights!) that adjust to my body convinced me that it is worth it to think outside the box and just find a solution to adjust/widen my bed. DIY here I come!     

100 night risk free trail period – you can order and return the mattress within 100 days if you do not want to keep it. You will receive a full refund, and your mattress will be donated to charity.

1:10 – One Ten Programme, for every ten mattresses sold Leesa donates one to charity.

One Earth Programme – one mattress sold, one tree planted by Lessa.

Avena foam is latex free.

What do you do to make your night better?
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  1. It's so important! I didn't realise until I got home from uni (after having a horrible mattress in my uni house) how much it made a difference haha.


    1. It's crazy how it affects your body, isn't it? I never really give much attention to it but now I will always make sure my nights are comfy. Iga x

  2. I know, I have a really cheap mattress right now, cuz i'm renting an apartment and wanted to save, but boy do I want to save up for a really good one. I heard somewhere that there's a job where they pay you to sleep on different mattresses to test the softness/firmness of them. Hmmm. Do you need a degree for that?

    1. Hahaha I think I heard about that job too. However I think I should apply for the position as a guardian of one of tropical islands. I can see myself... Yeah I so should do it! Iga x

  3. it sounds so comfy! I cant believe it came in that tiny box¬!

    1. I know, it's crazy! I was wondering if they will ever be spongy and comfy since they were so squished. I can confirm that they are. Iga x