Where Are Your Keys?

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Is your purse your third arm that somehow always feels heavy and causes you to have back pain? Tweezers? Checked. Plasters? Checked. Laptop? Checked. Lip gloss? Checked. Book? Checked. Juice? Checked.  Phone? Checked. Keys? Checked. Pink lipstick? Checked. I know the convenience of having everything with you just in case you need it, but the truth is that carrying a couple of kilograms on one side everyday is not best for you. The uglier truth is that most of the things you carry around with you, you carry pointlessly. Check what is in my bag.

Everything Has a Place

Simple yet so troublesome at times. Instead of throwing everything to your bag find a place/compartment for each necessary item you have to have in your bag. Keys, if you can close your bag, should be somewhere easy to reach for rather than at the bottom of your bag. The same goes for phone, tissues etc. 

Bag Organiser Inserts

If you still find that you need way more things in your bag it can be tricky to keep everything organised and find a place for each thing. To help and keep your bag tidier buy a bag organiser insert. One of the inserts travels with me and helps to keep my underwear neatly in the suitcase.

Make Up Bag

I am saying a huge ‘Hell No’ to random make up products opening and damaging my bag. Pop in to any shop with health and beauty products and buy a small and light make up bag. Save yourself the time and frustration of looking when you are trying to quickly refresh your make up during the date when he has popped off to the restroom.

Check What You Need

As often as you need! I check my bag daily. It takes me a minute but every evening I am making sure I am ready for the next day.  Just because I needed red lipstick a week ago for date night it does not mean I have to carry it with me for the next month, especially if on a daily basis I am using a pink one.

It’s a Purse Not a Suitcase

As the name suggests it is a purse so why do you need a book, magazine, comb, hair brush, and an extra pair of tights. If you are a mum you probably also can find a nappy or a toy too. Ruthlessly check what you need and what can wait for you at home. Realistically how many of us can find the time to read a book and a magazine during a commute to work? 

 It’s a Purse Not a Bin

Rubbish goes straight to the bin, and recipes and change you need go straight to your wallet.

What are your ways to keep your purse neat?
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  1. My bag is not neat. At. All! It's full of receipts, lip glosses, a Nakd bar, perfumes, keys and kitchen sink in it! :| I bought one of those handbag organisers but it's in a drawer unused, must get it out sometime and attempt to have an organised handbag.

    The Life of Dee

    1. Maybe write a blog post about it. I would love to have a peak in your bag 'before & after'. Iga x

  2. I absolutely love your bag and the colour is stunning! I always try to have little mini bags within my bag so that everything is in their own seperate place
    Kathy x

    1. Thank you! I think I bought it from Accessories last year. I really like how well it goes with everything. Iga x

  3. haha Iga, the last sub heading was gold ( It’s a Purse Not a Bin).. loved that line the most.. great post (Y)

    1. I am glad you appreciate my sense of humour! Not many do! Have a fab day, Iga x

  4. I have bought so many things to keep my purse neat and tidy but always ends up a mess, the best thing I do now is only carry what I need in a small over the shoulder to have less things to wade through.

    1. I am looking for a perfect bag to carry my Macbook Air around. The one I have now are just not suitable: too small, too heavy etc. Iga x