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How often do you look at people’s nails? Often, sometimes, or not at all? It is the second thing I notice when I shake someone’s hand, first thing being their face. My nightmare has always been nail polishes that never last for longer than a few hours.  No matter what products I use to do my nails or if they were done professionally they never lasted in an immaculate condition for longer than a day. When I discovered shellac nails it was exactly what I wanted! 7 days or longer of perfect nails? Why do I say 7 days? Because even shellac vs my lifestyle loses the battle.

At the beginning I was going to have my nails done professionally but my inner Scrooge woke up when I had to pay extra for the removal. 1 litre of Acetone costs £9, so paying around £15 each time, on top of the shellac, was something I could not get my head around it.

After a few times in a nail salon, extensive research and after being reassured by blogs and videos on Youtube, because what better source then Internet, I decided to invest in my own shellac kit.
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Professional Treatment Cost 

Shellac & Cuticles & Shellac Removal  £30 - £40


Professionally Done Treatment
Variety of Colours


High cost, especially if someone needs shellac done every two weeks as I do
Booking inconvenience
Too Buffed Nails yes, that happened to me in professional salon
You have to return to salon to the safely to  take off shellac

Shellac Done at Home £64  

£25 for lamp, £34 for CND base and top coat and colour, £5 acetone – all from Amazon


Cheap cost
Anytime I want to in my own home, while I am watching movie, no more scheduling


Too Buffed Nails, that happened to me at home too
At the beginning the colour choices can be limiting
At the beginning it is time consuming, but do not get discourage you will get there
If you are not careful you can damage your nails
Learning curve

The initial cost was higher than one professional treatment but in the long run I am saving a considerable amount of money.

How much did I save in 3 months? Quick maths

Shellac Done in Salon

Treatment Cost: £30-£40
3 months x 2 treatments x £40 = £240

Shellac Done at Home

3 months x 2 treatments / £64 = £10.66 per treatment
£10.66 x 3 months x 2 treatments = £63.9


If in 3 months I would do my shellac twice a month the cost of the shellac kit would pay for itself by the time I have done my nails for the 7th time.

Overall Experience

I am sticking to shellac done at home. Well worth the investment.

Do you do your own nails? Would you like to start? What are your tips?
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  1. That's quite a saving, I'd definitely stick to this :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

    1. I will too but I am starting to add more, and more gorgeous colours to my collection. Iga x

  2. I used to love doing my own shellac at home, so easy! I've recently been getting acrylics, which I can't do myself, it's costing so much more money. Nice little treat though x

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

    1. I might to try learn to do acrylics. Are they lasting for longer than shellac? Iga x

  3. These are awesome tips. I go to a nail shop to get my nails professionally done. I opted for solar nails because they last longer and I don't have to get them filled every 1 to 2 weeks. I can go once a month because they don't look as bad when they grow out -breyona sharpnack

    1. I never heard of solar nails. I guess it is something to google it when I have a minute. I would love to have nails that just stay looking (not even perfect) but decent for 2-3 weeks. Have a fab day, Iga x

  4. I have so many issue with nail polish! I can't have gels etc as I am lucky that my nails grow really fast and I have to have it removed after a week so it's a waste of money. Normal nail polish doesn't last 2 days without chipping. It's a no win for me with either. I have recently started using CND 1 week polish and Seche Vite top coat which is brilliant. It last longer then the normal polish. I need to make an effort to do my nails more regularly. I also have one of those at home Sensational kits which work with any polish and is like a gel but again this can be hit and miss, once the whole nail colour just came off the nail, like a peel mask! It's also such pain to take it off! I need some miracle invention!

    1. I wish I could say the same about my nails! They grow fast but are very thin so they break very easily. Too easily! Shellac is perfect to make sure that they keep their shape for just a little bit longer. How long does CND stays on for?