Budget Friendly Beauty Tips

Budget Friendly Beauty Tips
Creams, nail polishes, body lotions, serums, shellac nails, waxing and other beauty treatments can stretch any budget. Selection of beauty products tempts every time I enter a store. Neatly organised products in gorgeous, eye-catching packaging are just asking to be picked up and to take them home. The real struggle starts during Christmas time when products are packed especially carefully to attract with appealing deals. Another time that stretches budgets are spring and summer when beauty salons and SPAs are promising to get anyone bikini ready in a matter of hours. I could not say no to pampering myself but since I love to travel I have found a cheaper way to do it than paying £30 every three weeks for my nails, £70 for wax, occasional facial etc.

Coffee Scrub

The first on my list is a must try! I dare to say that no one has invented such a scrub that could compete with home made coffee scrub in terms of price, smell, and effects. However coffee scrub can be quite harsh and/or irritate your skin. Rinse it off if anything alarming occurs. 

Basic Coffee Scrub

Half of a cup of coffee no, not instant + boiled water = your own exfoliating coffee miracle

Hit Poundshops

I know, shocking! Poundshops seems to be a bit of a dirty word. However, they are fantastic if you want to save money on shower gels and soap. My hair are quite problematic so I do not use shampoos from there. I also got Radox Muscle Soak from there.


Try it before you buy it. It’s a simple yet effective rule that allows me to avoid beauty products that do not work well for me.

Fix What’s Broken

I felt cringe inside my soul when I dropped my expensive bronzer from Chanel. Instead of throwing it away I continued using it after a quick encounter with rubbing alcohol.

Beauty & Hairdressing School

When I know that all I want is a straight hair cut I let students from the hairdressing course in Aberdeen College do it. It is not only cheaper but also done under the careful eye of a supervisor. Actually the best ever treatments, hair cuts, and hair colours were done at the City of Glasgow College by a part time hairdressing student called Andy.

Waxing in beauty school is also considerably cheaper than in a beauty salon. The drawback is that sometimes students can make you feel uncomfortable by acting like kids and not professionals e.g. giggling.

Cut Open Containers

You will be surprised how much of your product there is still inside after you literally tried to squeeze it all out! Standing them upside down also does not always help. I cut open all plastic beauty containers do not try to cut cans. The hand cream I thought was finished had enough product inside for another 10 uses. To avoid drying just use paper clip and foil to cover the cut.

Loyalty Pays Off

Stick to one loyalty reward programme from a beauty store. You will accumulate points faster to spend on your next beauty treat.

Shopping Online
Do not buy it straight away. Let your favourite products stay in the basket for a day or two. Some companies send extra discount to encourage you to finalise the transaction. Since you want them anyway why wouldn’t you take advantage of this trick?

What are your ways to save on beauty?


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  1. Great tips Iga! I tried to make my own hair gel with flaxseeds, it was interesting! I also sometimes put honey in conditioner (I haven't done it in a while because it lightens the hair a bit) but it is great for frizz reduction! ;-0 I tried the mayonnaise in hair thing once too, that was horrible though! ;-)Oh and toothpaste on spots, I'm still not convinced that one works but in a pinch! x

    1. I tried olive oil, and baby oil... It did not work for me! I had greasy hair for next four or five washes. Finally old, good Fairy liquid helped! Iga x