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Pretty Studio Flat Bachelor Pad Tips to Improve Style in Your Home

Decorating a studio flat does not have to be tricky. Small apartments can have a chic aesthetic if you know how to seamlessly connect the living room and kitchen areas. I was inspired to write this after a chat with Stephanie, the creative soul from Miss Papercut.

Quick Style Tips for a Studio Apartment

Divide Place

When you live in basically one room it can be tempting to treat it as a single room only. However try to separate different areas to avoid cluttering the whole place. Since my flat has a half partition in the middle one side acts as the living room and sleeping area, and the other side is a kitchen. If you do not have a partition but would like to have a clear divide between areas think of having a curtains that can separate one area from another. Do not overthink it just make it happen with a colour you love.


Emphasise openness and space with mirrors. It makes the place so much more interesting especially when you select a gorgeous frame.

Uniformed Colour Pallet

Great news, you do not have to go 100% white for a uniformed look if that’s not you. Bright colours are fantastic to emphasise your personality and add vibrancy. However pick your main colours and stick to them unless of course you love the cacophony of colour.
Pretty Studio Flat Bachelor Pad Tips to Improve Style in Your Home

Smoothing Classy Grey

I love bold, playful colours but grey adds smoothing touch of Scandinavian look. I love my cushions from Next. Check them here.

One piece of furniture many function

I do not have a desk because I do not have enough space to fit one in. However I do have a glass table, which has convinced me never to get a glass one again as it’s way too cold too sit and work comfortably. I solved this issue with a bamboo mat that I accept because I have to. My ideal table would be made out of a gorgeous wood.

Another example is my day bed also known as sofa bed since I have no space for an actual bed. Every morning I make it to give me more space and the feeling of a living room rather than bedroom.

Visual Separation

All my walls are white other than the one behind my sofa bed. It creates a much needed visual separation.
Pretty Studio Flat Bachelor Pad Tips to Improve Style in Your Home

Accessories in similar style

I incorporate in my home only accessories that will work well with the rest of my flat. For example my mug and coaster from Miss Papercut Next on the list of things to buy and finish the look are stag in bluebell woods cushion, tote bag, and tea towel. All little accents from the same line make the flat whole rather than being too fragmented. Sadly Stephanie, Miss Papercut, refuses to send me pug that appears on her fabulous photos showing her pieces. Yes, I asked.

Minimum Accessories

Keep it simple, as you do not have a lot of square meters to play around with.

Enjoy! Share your tips in comments.

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