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I have never had an issue with being by myself and just a good book so I discovered the joy of solo travels quite quickly. I got use to traveling alone so much that when it cames to it I would rather pick traveling solo over traveling in a group. I am not really sure if there was anything more pointless during my childhood than school day trips with 29 other kids and two tired teachers. Really the only travel exception is my partner, who loves to travel with me. Also by travel I mean moving around the country or countries, not an all-inclusive stay in closed resorts. This type of travel usually just works out cheaper for two or more people and has different a purpose and dynamic of spending time.

What are the perks of travelling alone?

Last Minute Decisions

It's really just that simple. If you do not like a place you are staying at or want to move to a different city a few days earlier you do not have to consult with anyone. You just take your bag and move on. That's exactly how my winter trip to Poland looked like. I was freely traveling between cities as I pleased. 
Rhubarb Cake and Latte Coffee 
Eat What You Want Whenever You Want 

Want to eat a kebab at 10pm in the middle of Birmingham followed with bubble tea? I am guilty but Birmingham has pretty awesome kebabs. If you want to you can also wake up at 2pm and start your day after a further 2 hours of nibbling pretzels covered in Nutella in bed. No one is there to say a word about it unless you decide to share it on Instagram of course. You also do not have to have dull talks about what and where you should eat tomorrow and get to trendy restaurant because finding a table for one is way easier than for five. Plus you can save money if you do not mind preparing food.

No Expectations

If waking up at 4 am to explore or see the sunrise at Sacré-Coeur (highly recommending) is your thing there is no one stopping you. Maybe your company won't stop you literally but trying to sneak out from the small hotel room without making much noise can be a challenge. You can also take as many or little Pilates classes as you wish!   

Speak with Strangers

Random yet entertaining conversations will happen naturally on buses or in a queue for the best pizza in Rome btw Trip Advisor was wrong, it was just ok.  

Compromise & Flexibility

You can take these words out of your dictionary when you are traveling solo. You do not have to compromise on anything with anyone other than social norms and laws.
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Best Friends with Strangers

When I travel solo people are more likely to speak with me and invite me to join them on activities, for example sightseeing together yes creepy people to

4 Hour of Waiting to a Louvre? 

If you do not want to see a very overpriced and touristy place there is no one to force you to go because 'it's on my bucket list'. You can just skip them and relax with a cup of coffee with locals and no one can make you feel guilty about not being considerate.

No Drama

Simply because the biggest drama you experience is going to be traveller's tummy.


Dry bake roll from last night for breakfast? Day that ends with a sleep at the beach? Nothing is off limits.

Discover Yourself

If you want to or not you will learn more about yourself part of my soul dies as I type this cliche. Why? Because other than good situations you will also encounter less pleasant ones that will force you to think and act quickly. Solo traveling is fun and giggles but do not forget that you are on your own so no one has your back! 

What other perks solo travel has?
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  1. Amazing post! I never actually traveled alone but that's something I really want to try. I would definitely be stepping out of my comfort zone but that's one of the reasons I want to do it so much. xo

    Antonia Sweet Passions

    1. Remember to be save and let your friends and family know exactly where you are going to, how you are going to get there, and where you going to stay! Stay safe Antonia! Iga x

  2. I've never travelled alone but have always wanted to! I am such a picky eater so I can defs see the perks of eating without considering others haha
    Kathy x

    1. Ooo then solo travelling is just for you! Iga x

  3. I've only ever flown by myself, never travelled completely solo but your post makes it sound great!!!! Eating what and whenever you like? Count me in!! Also, watching the sunrise at the Sacre Coeur sounds incredible - thanks for that tip! Next time I'm in Paris thats on my list.
    Amy x

    1. Paris is great but it is definitely not the safest place to travel alone. Maybe consider taking someone with you for that destination. Best Wishes, Iga x

  4. Sounds so peaceful and freeing. I have only ever traveled with family and friends. Maybe this is something to try :)

    1. Traveling solo has it's dark sides but with a little bit of awareness it's great!

  5. This is a great post and so very true! I love travelling solo and while there are sometimes downsides the whole idea of exploring the world with your own rules and at your own pace is one of the greatest feelings.

    1. Absolutely! Pros and cons as with everything. Iga x

  6. I really wish I'd travelled solo at some point, hell I might still, you never know. I have to say though Simon is pretty easy to travel with, he just fits in with what I'm doing and also helps with stuff a bit. Although it does mean I have to do all the organising of things and motivate us. He does help me chill out though and acts like a bit of a safety blanket. Although I did miss out on a sunrise tour because he didn't want to - but I did get to do all the yoga I wanted...swings and roundabouts. Next time I'll just organise it regardless! I love that top photo, just beautiful.

    Honestly Aine

    1. Travelling together also has benefits e.g. you get to try double ;) Although having a safety blanket is fantastic and I appreciate each time we travel as a couple, being able to explore as I want and when I want without any consideration. Basically what I am saying - I am not an early bird so not being forced to get out of bed early is fab! :D